heart rate

what should the resting heart rate be for someone like me. Im 19 and workout 5-6 times a week and my Resting BPM is like 94 bpm. Is this normal. SOmeone help so i dont die

Well that does seem a little high!

Among British men, sinus heart rates >90/min were a risk factor for fatal ischemic heart disease and, particularly, sudden death.

BUT seriously there are a number of reasons that your heart rate could be elevated by:

How did you measure your heart rate?
Could simply be inaccuracy in measurement. Often if you take your pulse using your finger on wrist you can become ‘aware’ of your heart rate and this will push it up.

When did you measure your HR?
You should always do it first thing upon waking to get an accurate figure. This is when your heart rate will naturally be at it’s lowest value.

How are your stress levels?
High stress can cause elevated HR. This can be for a number of reasons. Work, relationships, overtraining e.t.c.

Are you taking any stimulants?
Especially if just before you test. Caffeine, Ephedrine!, Nicotine.

What sort of workouts do you do?
Aerobic capacity training (70-80% of max HR) 20mins x3 weekly in an untrained individual will result in a lower resting heart rate.

I would expect your heart rate to be around 70 +/- 10 bpm at your age.

Really the best advice is to try any of the above suggestions and if it’s definitely that high all the time then go see a doctor.

Yeah now that i think about it it could have been alot of those things. I’ve been taking ephedrine and i had a diet pepsi. before i measured it. I went to the store down the street andn i waws rushing around and saw the machine that measures blood pressure. took it right there and it said my BPM was 105! SO there you go…Its back down in to the 70’s now but thanks for replying. Its comforting to know your not on the cusp of death

and stress levels are up with school starting again

One word only ‘EPHEDRINE’!!!

yeah but ive been taking it for about 2 years. Only now am i getting a riased heart rate

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jakewnet44, I remember a year and a half ago my doc took my pulse. It was high, about 90 bpm. I started doing cardio regularly and now my heart rate is more like 60. Take creed’s good advice.

Terry, So whats causing my BPM to go up…is it most likely stress and other factors other than the ephedrine

Jake, everything that creed said. It could be stress. I doubt it’s the ephedrine if you’ve been taking it as long as you said you have. But a cup of coffee could do it. In my case it was just poor cardiovascular conditioning.

Whatever the reason is, get it corrected. Average is 72-74 but I strive to keep mine about 64 and I drink a lot of diet coke. And, although the party line seems to be defend ephedra around here, I think it has too many negatives associated with it, including increased heart rate and pressure, and wouldn’t take it even if the government told me I HAD to.

its back to normal now. Its around 66-72. I think i was just really amped up at the time. I was stressed out because of situations in my apt. and thinking about most certainly will not lower the rate. I Think ill be ok. I have a doctor’s appt. on friday

I am quite unfit but my resting heart rate is usualy around 60bpm?? Wass dat all about?


It means while you mat be unfit, your cardio vascular fitness is in the average/high range. Not to shabby.


Shorty, I don’t know. A certain select blessed few are lucky enough that they can eat huge amounts of junk food and still carry a low BF%. Others like yourself might have a low resting heart rate, even though you don’t do regular cardiovascular exercise. But over time, life has a way of catching up with us.

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Its a sign of overtraining

TT, I think your right about the cardio. I’ve been lifting since i was fifteen and i have only done probably 2 days of cardio. Do you have any suggestions on how i can ease myself into a regular cardio regimen

Jake, I’ve done both steady-state, longer duration (45 minutes), low-to-moderate intensity (65%-75% of MHR) and what is called HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

I’d recommend that you try both of them, but start with the former to lay a foundation for yourself and ease into things. As you become more cardiovascularly fit, you can start playing around with some HIIT, which is shorter, (not so) sweet and intense.

Try different types of equipment to find what you “enjoy” most. If your cardiovascular equipment of choice doesn’t have heart rate monitoring capability, go ahead and invest in a heart rate monitor.

Three or four days a week (on days you don’t work out) would probably more than do the job for you.

Good luck to you!

Creed, what can I say. It was a great post. (grin)

wanted to let those who poasted on this thread know that i went to my doctor and had an EKG done. Doc sasy my heart is fine and I’m in perfect health. Now if i can only stop the chronic masturbating I’ll be doing spectacular

shit i mispelled “posted”