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Heart Rate Zones and Fat Loss

I am some what confused regarding the contradictory information I have obtained on line in relation to the best method of fat loss.
To my understanding fast short interval work is physically much more demanding on the heart and cv system as well as muscles due to lactic accumulatio, I hear that since the high tempo anaerobic work thrives on glycongen it is not great for fat loss ie fat is not used as a source of energy but rather uou use glycogen.

So in a nut shell 30minutes on the bike heart rate 140-160 compared to 3 sets of 3 mins on bike at very high heart rates ie 185-195 , which one is superior for fat loss?? THnaks guys IM NOT INTERESTED IN PERFORMANCE BECAUSE ITS OBVIOUS THAT HIGH TEMPO IS MUCH MORE DEMANDING BUT LOOKING FOR JUST FAT LOSS PURPOSES!

Diet is the best way to lose fat.

It is easy but at the same time complicated to explain this.
So many trainers and gurus enforce their single-minded views upon their trainees when different principles are actually working together.

If you work out long enough with a slow, steady pace, you will eventually start to burn a bit fat directly as an energy source.
If you work out for a comparatively short amount of time under big stress, you will burn zero fat directly.

However, your fat reserves will be used not only when doing marathons or starving to death.

According to your metabolism, your caloric turnover and your body’s idea (which is dictated primarily by genes and hormones, some of which you can very much control) of how to keep your body running, you could theoretically burn fat at any moment.

The idea of, for instance, bike sprints for fat loss aims to reap the beneftis of the hormonal stimulus that follows afterwards.
Just as long endurance endeavours, especially with little nourishment, can actually slow your metabolism down, thereby preventing meaningful fat-loss.

High-intensity is also better for fat loss. Don’t let those cardio bunnies with their “maximum fat loss” bullcrap fool you, they’re just looking to justify less effort. Or maybe they actually have endless hours to do their low-intensity stuff.

Overall though, it’s really no different than most else in life: you’ll get out what you put in.

[quote]zecarlo wrote:
Diet is the best way to lose fat. [/quote]

x100. If one can’t lose fat via diet, they’re doing it wrong.

Have a look over on elite, there was an article posted on this a few days ago

[quote]zecarlo wrote:
Diet is the best way to lose fat. [/quote]

What he ^^ said

To Gifted gonads. Hi,regarding fat loss.back in the day,im 53,we trained with the weights and no competitive bodybuilder,or weight trainee in general did any cardio.I remember 1-bike in our old gym.My point is.The competitors in those days used the low-carb diet as a fat lose regime.I believe today for the most part,people still get the best results from diet.The people on those machines seem to be for the most part fat with little to no muscular development.thanks john