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Heart Rate vs Calories Burned


Does anyone know if there is a correlation between heart rate and calories burned? It is obvious that your heart rate rises when exercising especially when running or doing some kind of HITT, which are good calories burning activities but what about when some bombshell walks by and you can feel your heart rate rise. Going to the strip club and jumping rope may have the same effect on your heart rate but they can't have the same effect on calories burned. Any comments???


Well, the heart does burn calories, and the harder it works, the more calories burned. I don’t think that heart rate in itself is an indicator of calories burned, but I know that adrenaline is a powerful hormone that will cause energy release from fat cells, inhibition of your body’s natural warning signals, etc…

Going to the strip club is more important for maintaining healthy T levels :wink:


The difference between getting a boner in a strip club and on on a treadmill… I mean, um, the difference between the two is that in one case, you are using muscles to propel your weight in some fashion. In the other case, it is just a primal reaction getting you ready to make babies. Capiche?