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Heart Rate Too Low?

A buddy of mine is a serious endurance athlete, and monitors his heart rate regularly during workouts. For the last week or two, he has been unable to get his heart rate anywhere near his normal range.

Usually his max HR is around 185, but during his last few workouts, even with sprints and two hours of running, he has been unable to break 140. He still feels the normal signs of exhaustion towards the end of his workouts and is following his normal routines. His resting heart rate has gone down as well. The HR monitor is still working fine.

Anyone have any ideas what could cause this?

This is a sure sign of overtraining.

His body needs a break.

I agree. Having trouble getting your heart rate up, or having trouble getting it back down are signs that your body needs a rest. I’ve had this happen to me. Even just a day or two off may do the trick. If he’s really overtrained, he may consider a week off.

[quote]ChrisKing wrote:
This is a sure sign of overtraining.

His body needs a break.[/quote]

Right on.

Back when I did bike racing I found this to be the most reliable sign of overextension/overtraining. If I couldn’t get my heartrate within a few bpm of where it should’ve been by experience for a specific workout, I’d pack it in and head home. That big of a gap sounds like chronic OT.

PARA- sypathethic over training.
Suggest that he take 2 weeks off and have fun eating and playing.
Coach Poliquin would say "definite underrecovery.
Dr. Tim