Heart Rate on First Test Cycle

Has anyone ever noticed an increase in resting heart rate on test cycle? Sitting in bed typing at 120 bpm. Is that at all common?

End of third week in a planned ten week cycle - 500mg test per week. It seem like as soon as I go to bed my heart jumps to 120-130 which is why I haven’t slept well since my last injection on Monday. My next injection should be tomorrow.

What should I do here. Reduce from 250mg to 200mg per injection? Stop all together?

I appreciate and help and advice in advance, thank you.

Stop altogether? Stop that crazy talk :smiley: but yes lowering or stopping is an option but first:

See a doctor and be honest with them (or however that works where you are for legality stuff)


I went through something similar. I am pretty sure I had heart burn and paranoia. Also probably slightly elevated blood pressure.

I heard my whole life that roids kill yada yada and that made what I was feeling so much scarier. But I spoke with a doctor who knew what I was going through…actually almost constantly for several days LOL