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Heart Rate Monitor Recommendations?

Hey everyone,
long-time lurker here; finally making first real topic post.

I just found out last month I’ve some heart defect(s), so exercise is currently on hold. I’m taking the forced time off to work out a program for when I CAN get back to it–

But I’m thinking a heart-rate monitor would make a great deal of sense moving forward. Anyone with feedback?


[quote]bookworm wrote:
I just found out last month I’ve some heart defect(s), so exercise is currently on hold.[/quote]

Umm… say what now?

Any details? That’s a pretty broad, and significant, issue to be dealing with.

Did your doctor give you an ETA of when you can get back into training? Are there any restrictions the doc’s told you to work around, avoid, or pay attention to?

Particular goal? Size, strength, fat loss, other?

In your case, though we don’t know any more details, it would probably make sense to use one during your workouts (weight training and cardio).

Last time I checked, Polar is one of the top companies. I really don’t remember the particulars about the different models, but they basically have more and more features depending on what you’re looking for.

Unless you want to get uber-fancy (tracking calories, uploading to computer, etc.), I’d get the most basic model you can find from a reputable brand (again, I’d look for Polar). As long as it tracks your heart rate via a chest band, and maybe monitors how long you’re training in your target zone, it should be fine.

I’ve known trainers who use on heart rate montiors with every client, trainers who absolutely hate them, and others in between. As I said, in your specific case, I think it would be a smart investment.

Went with a pretty basic model: Timex T5J031 (though I can’t even tell the difference between a few of their offerings aside from band color, etc).

In re: goals for program (not starting until I actually HAVE the HRM), I’m going to focus on cardiovascular / fat loss (with emphasis on functional strength, e.g., pullups) more than the size / growth side.

Specifically, I’m aiming for - by 12/31/09 - a set of one dozen clean chin-ups and a 10k row under an hour- details will be in blog.

Doc gave me green light Friday, with limits of ‘stop what you’re doing’ if heart rate suddenly jumps to 200+ which, I thought, was a little obvious… so probably not a lot of strong-man nose-bleeding car lifts or anything along those lines. I’m essentially planning to do as much as I can without breaking 160 BPM but, due to recent time off, will haveta be patient and start off slowly.