Heart Rate Increased

Resting Heart Rate (first thing after waking up in the morning) 72bpm

Average during the day 100-105

Test - 225mg / week
Deca - 200mg / week

I am holding more body fat than I should. Maybe 28-30% BF.

If I drop body fat, could that help lower my Heart Rate?

I noticed my heart rate increase after starting Deca.

Probably. You’d probably also notice a lot of other health markers improving. 30% bodyfat is quite a bit more than anyone should have.

I agree with @Andrewgen_Receptors. Going on TRT increased my resting heart rate (HRH) also but nothing fluctuates, RHR more than body fat. Even on TRT very low body fat percentages, my RHR can be in the 40s. I’ve never been at 30% so I can’t speak to that; everyone is different, but getting down to sub 20% should be prioritized.

I don’t know exactly where I’m at BF%, but I am assuming I am around 30%. My lower body is lean, and I hold my body fat around my gut. Family curse.

I am focusing on weight loss now.