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Heart Rate During Cardio and Weight Training

I practice 30 to 45 minutes of ergometric bike. During such exercise, I can handle speed and resistance level to mantain my heart rate from ~60 to 70% of my maximum heart rate. This exercise is combined with my weight training sessions. But I need to save some time and I am really not so interested to change the weight training sessions.

I decided to monitor my heart rates during my humble, limited, amateur, old-fat-man-olympic-lift sessions. The readings can easily reach the above cardio readings and overcome such values. Every time one lift is executed, I can handle the resting periods (between reps) to lower until some value that is 60% when, another lift is executed in the cases of fives, fours, triples, and doubles. When one set of “n” reps is done, I can rest until my heart rate is lowered to 50%. The only exeption is for my two days of upper-body training (my sessions are divided in oly, upper strenght and lower strength).

I am very interested to discard these cardio sessions to better acomodate my weight training sessions due to lack of time.

For this context, my question is: by conducting my lower-body and oly training sessions through the monitoring of my heart rate will I be promoting the same benefits than the bike-work? Please disregard the “bike + weight training” total expenditure for this comparison (which would produce a bigger expenditure, of course).

How many times a week are you doing the bike?/with every weights session?

-Whatever you do, dont drop cardio entirely especially if older, but once a week is fine especially if pushing it with weights

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That depends what your goal is.

What benefits were you trying to get from the bike work? Simply raising your heart rate? Sure, just weights are fine. Fat loss? Depends. Heart health? Sort of but not really.

Seems like the best of both worlds would be to use some complexes either as part of your warm-up or as a finisher.


Thank you Chris, and all collegues that previously contributed!

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