Heart Pounding More Than Normal

Have been on trt first time for 4 weeks at
140mg spit to timea a week. I notice that my heart beats are stronger almost pounding. Not normal for me, also my heart rate
Has increased fro 65 bpm to 80bpm. Is this normal for trt

Exogenous Test is known to increase blood viscocity and blood pressure - can also raise heart rate. These are normally not huge concerns for people who are in good shape, but it can happen to anyone. Do you have your labs from before you started?

You may want to speak with your provider as your dose might be a bit too high for you.

Yes I have my labs. My Total t was 281 free 3.2, I know one thing I’m growing weary of dealing with this. I have discovered everybody has an opinion even docs . I have spent way to much time the last 4 weeks thinking about this . Shouldn’t be this hard. My doc didn’t explain anything. I was a fool for jumping on this without more information. I have learned one thing, if a doc will not sit down and take the time to explain all the ramifications of starting something this serious, run. Sorry for the rant but I’m just tired of dealing with this. I can live with Ed, wife doesn’t care anyway. Being in our 60’s. Thanks for letting me vent,

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Well, you will probably feel better actually being on TRT, but it depends if you ever felt low T symptoms really.

T Replacement is complicated because it is new and often abused. You had low T based on your 281 TT and 3.2 fT, and with proper TRT care, you could improve your health. With the symptoms you’re experiencing, I would say that your dose is probably too high; there are many at that dose or higher while still being on “TRT” but exogenous Test affects people differently (what works for me may not work for you).

Talk to your doctor - he gave you a good protocol for TRT (which is a blessing you haven’t realized yet), so he probably knows what he’s doing. If you tell him these symptoms (heart pounding, blood pressure, heart rate, etc.) and say you think your dose is too high, he will likely lower your dose for you.

You could always lower your dose without his consent (try maybe 100mg/wk at 50mg/shot on your current schedule), but since you’ve got a provider that knows a thing or two - you should disclose your concerns with him. It’s unfortunate he didn’t better explain this process, but you should give him another chance (if he drops the ball this time, do what you will). It is a lot harder to get good prescribed TRT than I think you realize - this is doctor dependent (a huge headache for most).

Informed consent is a must. Look up the terms chronotropic and inotropic of you want more info. I can share more. Tread carefully.

Thanks didn’t mean to
Jump on you I am just frustrated. And yes I do feel better mentally even though you couldn’t tell from this post :). I didn’t really go to my urologist for Ed issues even though it was an issue. I went in for a lower back issue which I thought might be prostrate related. Turns out that was fine. He did a blood work and T came back low. After the fact I started
Researching causes of low t. Found out tramadol and Ativan both can cause it. . I
Had taken small amounts of both before the T tests. I wonder if that caused the low numbers and quitting would have corrected the problem before going trt. In 2019 my numbers were 401 and 12. I had symptoms then (Ed , no motivation) so who knows. So
I guess I need to decide whether to continue after 5 weeks of being on it or quit. Thanks for listening

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IMO you should work with your provider to get dialed in, and only then make that decision. The issues you’re having right now can most likely be resolved by adjusting dosage - and it may even help with your ED. Right now your endo and exogenous T are in limbo - they should level out at around 8 weeks, which is a much better time to consider how you feel under the current protocol. Adjusting from there will take less time as you no longer have to worry about your natural T production interfering with how you would feel on TRT alone.

Of course, this is entirely your choice, as you mentioned =)

I have an appt aug31 with a doc urologist (dr jordon grant in Paris tx) supposed to be skilled in trt. My doc want take the time to help me. So I’m moving on. If I stay on trt until aug 31 to make my decision versus quitting now. Will it make a difference on natural starting back up if I decide not to continue? I don’t want to wait to long, I have read the longer u go on trt the lower the chances coming back to at least where I was before. I don’t want to end up worse off than when I started. If I had a doc who had taken the time to give me all the information up front I would not be going thru this in decision. He acted like try it and if u don’t like it just quit, no big deal. Then I find out it is a life time commitment that basically makes one chemically castrated over time

You’re still so early on in treatment that stopping wouldn’t be that big of a deal. To push it off another month may cause the startup to take a little longer, but we’re not talking about a very long time difference between either decision.

I don’t think I would stop in-between the two were I in your shoes, I would like to think reducing dose down to two 50mg shots weekly would be the right path forward from here… but I’m not in your shoes either. Whether you continue treatment or stop today, it won’t have much effect in the long run either way.

Thanks for the advice

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Starting out, sure. Your entire hormone profile is changing. If it persists I’d look into it

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Tread carefully? Explain please

Start low and go slow. Especially for older guys. True TRT would be half your current dose most likely. So 70-80 mg/week TC split into 2 shots if you want. If that doesnt get you to reasonable upper normal TT level you can always go up.

Decent odds your trough TT level is above 1000 ng/dl on current protocol. Minimum effective dose is a wise strategy.

I’ll know pretty soon . Waiting on my labs

What are symptoms of T being to

Short term or long term? Annoying ones or dangerous ones?

Find a Dr. who will put you an a reasonable TRT dose and do appropriate safety panels (6 weeks, 12 weeks, 24 weeks, etc). Find a doctor you trust and start with MED. Especially starting out when RAAS effects show up. BP, RHR, water retention, PSA, E2, TT, Hct, etc. Age and health status, cardiovascular status all play a part.

This is y I thought about quitting the whole mess. Just live with low t. Shouldn’t be this dang complicated. If I wanted to be a doc I would have went to med school, that is y I chose electrical engineering. Good thing I don’t design the electrical grid like they practice medicine . Be in the dark

You were 100% correct. Got my labs back that I initiated on my own not from doc. It scared me. I sent it to my existing doc and asked him what to do. At this point I am very discouraged. My next dosing is Monday and today is Friday. I may skip Monday if I don’t here back from my doc,

My total was 2262 and my free was 286
Needless to say it freaked me out.

Blood draw timing relative to twice weekly injection?

TT and fT test type and lab?

Reference ranges and units?

when this test was run i hadn’t done my monday dose. i dose normally monday and thursday, btw are you in the medical community? just curious thanks
Performed by quest

Collected: 08/01/2022 10:13
Received: 08/01/2022 18:36
Reported: 08/05/2022 15:00

Analyte Value
ALBUMIN 4.0 Reference Range: 3.6-5.1 g/dL
SEX HORMONE BINDING GLOBULIN 60.5 Reference Range: 22-77 nmol/L
TESTOSTERONE, TOTAL, MS 2262 H Reference Range: 250-1100 ng/dL

Analyte Value
TESTOSTERONE, FREE 285.7 H Reference Range: 46.0-224.0 pg/mL
TESTOSTERONE,BIOAVAILABLE 525.4 Reference Range: 110.0-575.0 n

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