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Heart Pounding at night

From time to time I have had trouble getting to sleep because my heart is pounding away. The heart rate seems normal, it’s just that ticker is ticking very LOUDLY. I have no symptoms of heart attacks for what it is worth.

Any thoughts on why. I feel it is related to heavy work outs and just being over tired.


You banged it right on the spot, buddy.

Heavy work when you’re body is not fully up to it makes the heart feel over worked.

It could also depend on your GPP if you do any. If you do currently do GPP, maybe you need to reduce. If you do none, then you need to start.

I am very aware of my heart beat sometimes, like I can feel or hear it. As far as I can tell, and I’ve had various tests run, I don’t have any heart-related health problems. I just seem to be very, very sensitive / aware.

It’s funny you mention this, because I’ve noticed the same thing. I’ve have my blood presure and pulse tested and they’re normal. Do you workout in the evening? I do, and my body is used to performing at high levels at nighttime, so my circadian rythms are effected. My girlfriend sometimes comments about my loud heartbeat and the excessive heat my body gives off. I can sometimes heat up a room considerably, my bedroom is sometimes 10 degrees hotter than the rest of the house when I’m inside it.
In the late morning I do not have the same heart-pounding/excessive body heat situation, so I can say with a high degree of certainty that it has to do with my working-out at night.

I only worry about it when my body is jumping up and down in bed due to a heavy heart beat.

This can be a symptom of electrolyte imbalance.

Are you taking any vit/mineral supplements? Try adding Potassium and Calcium/Magnesium.

If you happen to be following a low carb eating plan (naturally diuretic in nature), drinking lots of water and perspiring this can lead to mineral stores being flushed quickly.

Accelerated heart beat at evening or night time (you usually notice it most then because it is a “quieter” time of day) is, in most of your cases related to OVER-TRAINING.

Be aware of this because it is a sign of your body tending towards a catabolic (muscular breakdown) state - which I’m sure no one here wants.

Also, run a check on the supplements and/or foods you might be eating. I’m assuming you have somewhat clean diets, but it is without question that increasing fruit and vegetable uptake will also “thin” the blood indirectly and also check up on your calcium/phosphorus intake as well as your sodium intake. (Keep calcium and phosphorus in balance)

I appreciate everyone’s comments. I have cut back my caffiene intake - but I have never seen a linkage to that. After 4 days of only 2 Hotrox in the morning (6 am ) I find that this evening my heart is pounding somewhat. But I also feel pretty tired today. I’ve had no workouts for 3 days.

I don’t think I am drinking enough and I don’t take suppliments for the phos. and cal. So I’ll work on that.

Mine has always done that and every time I see a Dr., they comment on how strong my heart is. Sometimes if I lay on my chest I feel as if my heartbeat is moving my whole body. Maybe we just have powerful hearts.

BETA BLOCKERS…you might want to try them out.