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Heart Palpitations/Skipping Beats on First Cycle

I’m on my first cycle of 400mg test cypionate a week. I’m 31, male, lift weights 5 days a week and have been training for 8 years. I’m 218 lbs, ~12% body fat, 6’2 tall.

My heart has always skipped beats, had irregular rhythm, palpitated my whole adult life. Its more pronounced when I"m stressed or have anxiety, drink a lot of caffeine, or have poor sleep.

7 days after my first injection I’ve noticed my heart skipping beats (or pausing briefly then beating extra hard to make up for lost heart beat), palpitations, whatever you want to call it, its been happening more often and more pronounced. I’ll literally be doing shoulder presses and feel my heart stop for a second lol

Has anyone experienced this?..

Yeah it seems to be a little more noticeable for me on cycle, can’t say if it’s bad or not, probably best to get a medical opinion if it’s worrying you.

premature ventricular contractions? I get them sometimes (at least I think I do), halter monitor (24hr) wasn’t able to pick one up, nor was a stress test. However I’m almost positive occasionally (maybe a few times a week), or the day after I drink a lot of alcohol (not often haha) I get them. I don’t have what you describe though, I feel no hard thump, skipped beat or anything, I just get a deep twitch/ lump feeling in my throat that lasts about as long as a heartbeat. Could be muscle spasm.

Depending on how often the PVC’s are will depend on whether it’s worth further checkups. Mine tend to be exacerbated by preacher curls, and preacher curls only (when the bench puts a ton of pressure on my chest). If you’re getting very frequent PVC’s (say more than 1000/day) it could be a symptom of an underlying more serious heart condition.

Anabolic steroids do stimulate the CNS (reply if you want the exact mechanism, I can explain but it would make this post rlly long). Increased sensitivity to epinephrine can cause an increased incidence of PVC’s and other arrhythmias.

Have you ever gotten an echocardiogram (or even electrocardiogram), maybe go see you’re local GP/ cardiologist. GP can examine you’re a heart with a stethoscope (checking various areas of the chest where different valves are located) to look for abnormal rhythm.

Do you experience anxiety?

Hey man, I had an EKG (I guess they just look at my rhythm on a monitor) and they said it was irregular but thats all. I wonder if people who experience this crap shouldn’t take anabolics :confused:

Yeah dude and I know that affects it as well. I try to relax. I definitely noticed a spike in the palpitations though 7 days after 1st pin.

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I use to get them. It would feel like a slight punch to the center of my chest and I’d literally feel my heart start back up again and when it started the beats would be irregular for a few seconds like it’s trying to find its old rhythm again. It would freak me the fuck out. I’d always think damn what happens if it doesn’t start back. That was when I was much younger and fat as hell and about as unhealthy as the stereotypical cheeseburger eating TV watching American can be. Thankfully I haven’t had them in years. I have MVP and an abnormal T wave whatever that means (heart jargon I’m sure @unreal24278 knows)

Anyways I have absolutely zero help to offer you just wanted to let you know im still alive today and it always started back up again!

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They said you have an irregular pulse but didn’t follow up at all… WHAT

@zeek1414 how severe is the mitral valve prolapse, arrhythmias are common in individuals with this condition. Complications (association between cardiac arrest, endocarditis etc) can occur due to MVP, however it’s one of the more common heart defects.

There’s numerous types of T wave abnormalities, I’m assuming you have an inverted T wave, common among those with MVP, however you might want to get it checked out as a large T wave inversion can hint at cardiomyopathy

Depends on dose, severity of cardiac pathology. Anabolic steroids are directly and indirectly cardiotoxic. People who aren’t aware of this fact have absolutely no business using anabolic steroids as they clearly aren’t aware of the risks. If you have pre-existing cardiac pathology then the risk of serious adverse cardiovascular complications from anabolic usage sharply increases, whether the risk is worth it is up to you.

Its been a while sense Iv had a ekg but every time iv had one the doctor would always say " looks like mvp and abnormal t wave" and I’d say what the hell does that mean. There response was always something like oh its no big deal millions of people have it. At first this answer frustrated me because I can’t read a ekg and make any sense of it or listen to my heart and hear my mvp. Now Iv just kinda accepted it I haven’t even thought about it in years until now reading this post.