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Heart Palpitations 3 Weeks into Blast, Problem Continued on Lower Dose

New here so I’m sure I’m not doing this right but really just needing some input , started 400 mg week test cyp cycle after three weeks developed heart palpitations and immediately stopped and went back to my trt dose of 240 mg a week , it has been 8 days and they haven’t went away has anyone else experienced anything like this

How are your thyroid levels? When I increase my T dose my thyroid goes to shit and causes palps until I increase my thyroid meds. I have thyroid disease, so I’m not sure how much that applies to you or not.

Checked at er and doc said was fine , wearing a monitor now from cardiologist trying to get it figured out , I’m sensitive to dose changes so was expecting anxiety but the palps are first

On trt dose of 240 mg test cyp injecting .6 twice weekly , recently tried my first blast of test cyp 400 mg a week injecting 1 cc twice weekly , after three weeks developed heart palpitations and immediately stopped and went back to trt dose . I have had two ekgs come back normal but still having the palpitations after three shots of my regular trt dose , anyone else experience anything similar

Heart palpitations is a catch all term for when a person notices their heartbeat. It may help if you were more specific. Harder beats? Just more noticeable? Or the sensation of skips and pauses?

I have been told by a cardiologist that skipped beats (PVCs and PACs) are usually caused or worsened by stress and can also be due to vagal nerve issues. I have noticed worsening skips when adrenaline is released, such as after a heavy deadlift or when I am frightened or think about a girl I’m in love with.

It just happens and being anxious and obsessive about it will make it worse. The takeaway advice from my cardiologist was to only worry if they come on in sustained runs (minutes or more) or degenerate into other arrhythmia or correspond with other symptoms that would indicate a problem, such as chest pain, shortness of breath, and fainting.

You can reasonably draw the conclusion that the increased dose caused the paps.
You t levels are still way up there even though you changed back. Cypionate has a 7 day half life.

I do think it’s possible the paps would have went away once you stayed at the higher dose longer. Women get paps even they go through certain parts of their menstrual cycle . You do check them out at the cardiologist like you did and if no issues, it’s hormonal causing them.

I would also do an echo. (ultra sound of heart). Just to be sure heart is pumping fine.
I had paps right before I started trt and it continued for months. It turns out I have cardiomyopathy. You can’t diagnose that with an EKG you need the heart echo.
I was also put on a holter monitor for a few days and there were just PVCs. Not a concern since it was a very small percentage of total beats.

It’s def the sensation of skipped beats and pauses , I go wed and get the monitor and will ask about a echo , it’s unnerving when it’s ur heart acting up

Its a worry for many of us, but like you said… protocol change.

I had an ablation done for PVC’s about 5 years ago. I started getting some really bad cases of PVC’s again this year and had what felt like an episode of Afib after my workout for about 10 minutes. My heart was fluttering so bad I was getting dizzy and thought I might pass out. So I went to an electrical heart doctor and wore the holter monitor for 48 hours. I even went and paid for a test for my CAC score(which was a zero thankfully). I thought I was going to need another ablation. I also thought he was going to blame it on TRT. Not the case at all…

He said he saw the PVC’s and said it sounded like I did have an episode of Afib. I told him my workout routines and what I ate, drank, supplements, etc. He said he thought I was dehydrated. I didn’t really think that was the cause but I did as he said and drank two Gatorade zero’s a day and plenty of water for a few weeks. I even started drinking V8 in the morning as an extra bonus. And just like that……. voila’, they pretty much went away. I get one everyone now and again here and there but nothing crazy. I had no idea I was dehydrated and my electrolytes were off. Your electrolytes seem to have a lot to do with PVC’s so you might start there.

I will def try the Gatorade zeros for sure , I’m hoping to know more when they go over the monitor

I forgot to mention was taking .5 arimidex twice weekly with injections