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Heart Pain

I posted this at the other forum too, but it takes them days to answer, so I want the help of the T-Nation crew!

Ive been cutting on RPT (Refined Pysique Transformation) for the past 2 weeks. Ive had my fats pretty high at about 80% of my caloric intake, and my protein at 20%. The last 3 days of my two weeks, Ive been getting some major heart pain. Even when I was a bit higher on protein (120)g, I got it once every blue moon, but now it seems like its happening more often, could it be due to the high amount of fat?

The reason Ive been keeping fat so high is because its hard for my body to get into ketosis, so I wanted to adapt. I’m bringing my protein up to 140g tomorrow.


26% bf

also thought id say, all my fats are coming from EVOO, Flax Seed Oil, Fish Oil, and 3 Eggs in the morning for my sats.

I also carb up every two weeks, and I’m not carbing up the first 3 weeks to fully adapt. My carb up is only 150G of carbs.

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My question was, could it because of the diet? I upped my protein to 140g, and lowered fats and calories down to 1900 today.

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Yeah Holy Christ man your heart hurts. Call 911 !!! Why even waste time writing it on the forums.

ditto what bushy said…


i personally am now in a heart rehab program,26 yrs old and had similar problems.seek medical advise.not to scare you but hou can have dhf degenitive heart failure or nothing at all at the same time.but i would rather know than be in the dark bro.get it checked.