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Heart Pain & Animal Fats

I notice that whenever I start to eat more and more animal fats(bacon, cream, skin etc) I start having heart pain, and as time goes by(it starts in a matter of days) it becomes more and more frequent and painful. In a few weeks it’s pretty bad.
Any idea why something like this would happen ? This doesn’t happen with non-animal fats.

'This doesn’t happen with non-animal fats. ’

that’s because those fats are mostly unsaturated and poly and mono etc etc etc

you’d also be able to eat lots of fatty fish and have no problems.

No matter whate everyone says “sat fat is not a problem, you can eat 8 eggs a day and be fine” I know how I feel when I eat too many eggs and stuff like bacon or hamburgers

from what I gather sat fat is harder to break down, it’s saturated :|, so your blood becomes thicker hence harder for your heart to pump it

now you will get lots of people saying that they eat 88888 eggs and bacon and burgers and cheese and they are doing the AD diet and they’re fine so