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heart murmor/ephedrine

I have a heart murmor which I do not know too much about and I want to know if anyone knows about taking ephedrine and caffeine with my condition. I have been consistenly taking ephedrine free supplements, like stacker 2 ephedrine free, and whatever else i get my hands on and there are no negative side effects.

Murmur can be benign or significantly problematic. No one in their right mind is going to give you any advice until they know what type of murmur and what intensity it is.

Go see your doctor and get it evaluated or ask for a copy of the report - I assume you’ve had an echocardiogram done for evaluation.

what type of heart murmor? Was it done surgically? Personally I would stay away from ephindrine with a condition like yours.

Alot of products do not use ephedrine now but, they use other ingredients that work the same. I would lay low untill the Doc give ya the ok. Can’t exercise 6 feet under.

Uhhh…surgically? Care to elaborate on that one?

Andrew, Jason is correct by saying that murmurs can be benign, especially in young athletic people. If you can be more specific as to the quality, intensity, timing, duration, etc of the murmur, maybe some of the T Docs can help you out.

Isn’t ephedrine getting banned in the next month or two anyway?

Scrub what I meant was that some people have a natrual heart murmur thats louder then others and others get a heart murmur if they had some sort of surgery.

I personally think you ought to ask a doctor before you do anything, just to be on the safe side. Maybe a holistic-minded doc, one who knows what ephedrine actually is. Just to be on the safe side.

The only thing I know about my condition is that I was born with it, and i have to take amoxicillin prior to dentist.

First of all, yes, go see a doctor. I like the suggestion of seeing a holistic doctor, or a sports doctor who knows what ephedrine is and doesn’t think it is evil.
Second, I was born with a heart murmur (the size of a pin head, the doctor says), and I’ve taken ephedrine for years, and many other more dangerous substances (legal and otherwise).
I’m not suggesting you go ahead and start snorting coke or crystal, but listen to your body.
I’m sure some low dose ephedrine won’t hurt you, and just take it from there.

Go with what Norcross said. I have a heart murmur too (leaky tricuspid valve)and it’s no big deal. I have echo’s done every couple of years just to keep an eye on it. So yours may be completely benign, but you’ll never know unless you get it checked out.

But even if it is benign, I wouldn’t get my hopes up that any doctor out there is going to give you the ok to take ephedrine. Too much bad press lately.

i have a MITROVALVE PROLAPSE heart murmor if anyone knows what that is.

You have mitral valve prolapse. The issue is really whether or not you also have mitral regurgitation with that, as the major complications follow that aspect of it.

I’m not an anti-ephedrine person by any means, but without knowing more about your current condition, I’d honestly tell you to just stay away from it.

Andrew: Here is why I would NOT screw around with ephedrine if I were you: with mitral valve prolapse (MVP), the valve leaflets do not come completely together when they close. The prolapse refers to a leaflet that flops back into the left atrium and allows blood to leak through the valve, causing the murmur.

Symptoms can occur when the body’s in “fight or flight” mode, ie getting in a fight, sports, almost getting in a wreck, or even doing a heavy set of squats. Have you ever gotten light-headed, short of breath, dizzy, or had chest pains during exertion? The reason I’m asking is because with MVP, you usually have blood levels of catecholamines (ie adrenaline, noradrenaline) that are above average, possibly to compensate for the prolapse (not sure on that, maybe one of the good docs can help us out here). I can tell you for sure though, that one of my medical texts lists PHENYLEPHRINE as a cause of chest pain and other symptoms in patients w/MVP. This compound has similar actions to ephedrine and even synephrine (which is in many ephedrine-free products). It’s possible that the worst that could happen would be to have the above symptoms, which could probably be alleviated by resting for a few minutes. I can tell you from personal experience with ephedrine that these symptoms are not fun…I once had to grab onto the squat rack to keep from falling I was so dizzy. And I don’t have MVP, as far as I know.

One more thing: do you know if you had something called rheumatic fever as a kid? This can cause MVP. You are getting amoxicillin to prevent strep, which live in your mouth, from entering your bloodstream when your dentist pulls a tooth. The bacteria colonize on or around the mitral valve and can cause further damage.

Hope this helps you make your decision. I would say the risks outweigh any possible benefits, but that is up to you. Also, I hate the Braves, but you are a damn good centerfielder.

Yeah, what DocT said. So if he has never experienced these symptoms, do you think ephedrine could precipitate them? If so, what might happen?