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Heart Health


I seem to have high blood pressure according to those automated blood pressure machines in stores like shoppers and walmart, today I tested at 140/85 on a forearm one. I know these arn't accurate, (i.e. an arm bigger than average inreases pressure), but how accurate are they? I would think that I appear to be healthy heart wise, (For refernece I am 22, BF is around 10%, at 6', 200 lbs), is body comp a good way to guage heart health or no? Should I be worried about these readings?

Some other info: I don't do cardio much, sometimes I do a few burpies or go for a short run once a week or every other week. Other than that I just walk when I have to go somewhere.



Is an automated car wash and wax as good as a professional job or even you doing it by hand?

And no--a good look at you from the outside is not a great way to perform a physical. Many peoples first sign of a heart problem or heart attack is death.

I'm not trying to be overdramatic. I'm sure you are quite healthy. But getting a base physical is always a quality expenditure. Do you have any cause for concern when it comes to high bloood pressure?


My concern is that I don't want high blood pressure or to develop heart problems later on in life. By the way I had a blood profile done about a year ago and everything was fine I guess, (doctor didn't say nothing other than that).


Well quite honestly, some is genetic and you have little control over that factor. But there are many things you can do that can have an impact on your blood pressure as well as overall health. If you're eating right and exercising you are doing quite a bit. If you handle stress well you are helping.


If your concerned, see a doctor, but I don't think you have anything to worry about.
You are correct about inaccuracy for larger arms. I know someone (Not mentioning names) that walked around glowing for a week after the nurse had to get the "big cuff".


I don't know if 6' 200 lbs warrants the big cuff. Even at 10% BF, its not that big.

Anyway, you need more than 1 reading to diagnose hypertension.

As for electronic devices, in most cases they are as precise as the physician since you are accurate to about 5 mmHg.

It could be that you have hypertension. Many people who are outworldly healthy have the silent disease.

Anyway, good luck.


Well most of the upper arm cuffs that I've seen in these stores say that the cuff is designed for the "average adult arm of 13. " I think pretty much everyone here has that beat.


That big cuff makes a difference. My doc trains and told me to always tell his nurse to use the larger one.

Cardio can do wonders for your blood pressure and at 10% bf it doesn't sound like you have a lot of fat to drop.