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Heart/Chest Pain After Training

Ok chances are you’re going to say there is no way to answer this question go to a doctor etc… but I thought it was worth a shot sense I probably won’t be going.

last night(11/17/09) after jujitsu practice(we were rolling)(9pm), pretty much right when we stopped I got sharp pains in my chest. It was on my left side on my heart or behind it(in the region)… but I don’t want to say with certainty that it was my heart.

Doing anything pretty much caused that region to hurt(really sharp jabbing pains)… It felt like it was internal. And this pain continued until tonight at about 6pm(11/18/09)… about 30 min after I first felt it I keeled over in pain and shed a few tears(if for some reason that helps describe the feeling).

It doesn’t hurt anymore… Seems like nothing happened. I was just curious if anyone had any ideas about what it could have been, or if anyone has felt something similar.

I used to experience this in highschool after a hard volleyball or swimming practice. After it persisted I finally went to the hospital and they did an EKG and a few other tests. Everything turned out normal, and the sensations began to subside with only a few recurrences every now and then.

Just make a dr. appointment, especially if it happens again with the level of pain you’re describing. No matter what other people have experienced or been diagnosed with, you need to get yourself checked out…chest pain is nothing to treat lightly.

I don’t think you can feel pain in your heart. Maybe you tweeked a muscle in there. Once I landed on my foot wrong and I couldn’t move my neck for a week. retarded.

When you were experiencing the pain, was there any position you could move into that alleviated it?
If so, then it’s not your heart. The pain would be persistent no matter what position you were in.
At least that’s what my Dr once told me.

Happened to my friend last week. Went to the hospital and got some tests done. What had happened was he had torn the cartilage/muscles around his heart. They advised him to take 2-3 weeks off. Just a thought.

I’ve had similar occurances. Like ID mentioned, I could usually find a position that would alleviate the pain somewhat. I’ve had it on both sides of my chest though. I grew up with asthma so I’ve just always assumed it is some sort of spasm or what not with my lungs.

I’ve heard that a rhomboid which is spasming triggers the identical pain/sensation of a heart attack.