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Heart Beat Increasing

[quote]Xenu wrote:
By any chance, are you taking glucosamine/chrondroitin/MSM?[/quote]

I take Glucosamine, why? Has Glucosamine done this to people before?

[quote]MMA101 wrote:
Xenu wrote:
By any chance, are you taking glucosamine/chrondroitin/MSM?

I take Glucosamine, why? Has Glucosamine done this to people before?[/quote]

Glucosamine can be derived from shell fish and or beef. People that take glucosamine that is derived from shell fish can get a allergic reaction from it causing a elevated heart rate, if they are allergic to shell fish. Have you recently been taking glucosamine? Are you allergic to shell fish? If so look into beef derived glucosamine supplement.

Glucosamine derived from beef.

[quote]MMA101 wrote:
Hey everyone,

Lately my heart beat speed has increased a lot. Right now just sitting here it’s beating very fast and it’s vibrating on my neck…

Also when I sleep I feel it vibrating hard on my chest. Why dp you think this is happening?[/quote]

Cocaine’s a helluva drug!

No,but seriously,get it checked by a doctor…If there’s still problems or he can’t get to the bottom of it.try coming off all supplements,one at a time,then try them again,as you would for a food intolerance/allergy test.
The problem is,most doctors know dick about supplements or possible interactions.

I had a rapid heart beat for several days after taking glucosamine. It took a few days after beginning to take it for the effects to become noticeable. I stopped taking all supplements and my heart rate returned to normal in about a week, and the next time I introduced glucosamine, it became elevated again.

I’d try laying off of glucosamine for a week or two and see how you feel.