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Heart Attack


my neighbor who is about 70 , maybe late 60's had a heart attack monday morning. about 2am they came and got him. wednesday, he was cutting his grass. 100% blockage in an atrery. his second heart attack in 3 years. another atrtery is 95% blocked. i imagine he will be going in to clean that one out later on.. his dietitian said he eats too many eggs and sausage. he is retired and he and his wife go out daily for breakfast. he eats the typical eggs bacon or steak or sausage with coffee and toast..

his dietitian said he needs to eat better. no more eggs and sausage..

whay do you hear just the opposite on diets like tis? bodybuilding forums, crossfit forums, all they eat is butter eggs bacon meat nuts veggies olive oil whole milk.. hardly any carbs, and they all say its carbs that will give you a heart attack. whay does this dietitian say eggs do???



I would imagine it's because what he's eating out is probably all fried as opposed to other cooking methods. You can't compare a fried egg to scrambled or poached egg.
Having said that, the bacon & sausage probably still has more to do with it than the eggs IMO.