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Heart Attack in Aisle 5

Decided to switch over to Massive Eating this weekend, as the much vaunted Poliquin Diet wasn’t doing much for me. Well, that and I want to start bumping up the BMR in preparation for the big push toward 5% early next year, but I digress. I stand there in the grocery store, watching the total continue to rise ever higher with the swipe and beep of the laser scanner, delving deeper into a sickening vertigo, much like doubling up your Surge dosage ‘just to see what happens’. Anyhow, moral of the story is don’t get into (or back into, in my case) Massive Eating without accounting for the grocery bill insanity!

Hey, Ike: Ko is heading on down to Corvallis as I type this. He’ll be there through tomorrow, early afternoon.

Ike, I have had great success with Massive Eating, but have also had great results with the Poliquin-style diet…how long did you give it? From my own experiences, it always takes about 2 weeks to adjust to it, and then the postive results start occurring BIG TIME. By the way, the Poliquin-style diet isn’t much easier on the wallet.

Patricia: What, you didn’t tag along? That’s cool. We need to hang! Plus, I have something for you guys. We need to swap emails, or somesuch, but I understand the Censor-dudes don’t allow them to go through…? I’m a bit fuzzy ont that.

Steve: I was on the CP diet a bit over 4 weeks. I think I’m gonna have to give it a try again later, perhaps I wasn’t eating enough greens. I sure thought I was, however. (Right around 1g/lb of Carbs from greens. Is that enough?) Either way, the reason it was cheaper for me is that all I had to buy for carbs was the greens and protein all came from meat, which I have free access to. (Red meat, that is.) So you see, when all one pays for is greens, eggs and fish oil, it’s relatively cheap. With Massive Eating, I have to buy all those other carbohydrate sources…

Hopefully you shop at WINCO. That place will ease the pain substantially (and add value to the stock I have in the comany).

I am in Corvallis, but it is going to be a quick trip. Next time I will give you a heads up. Pat will post her web site so you can get a hold of us. I can never remember the address.

So…Ko can’t remember my website address? Uh, yeah, he’s my biggest fan…grrrrr. :slight_smile:

My portfolio site: www.portfolio.com/PatriciaSmith - contact info is all there!

Patricia, you have some serious artistic talent. This is yet another example of your astonishing versatility in this world. Would you ever consider designing a tattoo for, hypothetically, a monkey-obsessed individual, age 22, height 5’6, wt. 173, possible allias “MBE”? Hehe, I suck.

MBE: “The number one choice of those held at gunpoint and forced to choose him. Since 1830.”


How 'bout a merrily muscled monkey chowing down on a handful of Biotest Bananas? (With prior approval/permission from Biotest, of course. Wouldn’t want to step on any trademarks, copyrights and such…)

We'll certainly discuss....:-) (and thank you for the kind words!)

Ah, that’s cool. Just gives me more time to refine my selections… (You’ll see what I mean in due time.) I’ll fire off an email, so you have my address as well.

Sounds diggin’ so far. I enjoy lots of color in tats, especially blues and greens. We could definitely work something out I’m sure. I’d of course take pics and post them on the forum.

MBE: “More colors than crayola yet a couple crayons short of a full box since 1499.”


MBE: Okay, I’ll swing with that (pun intended - hee hee). Let’s do this thingy…