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Heart Attack Grill



Hi All,

This is definitely the wrong website but I was just wondering if anyone has actually been to the Heart Attack Grill.

Just curious....



tasty hamburgers! me likey!


A healthy serving of butter fat cream flavored with your choice of chocolate or vanilla. This shake has the highest calorie content of any shake known to man. Certified by Dr Jon as a Diet Booster, your goal of weighing 350 LBS is within reach!

Supplement Suggestion: Add a 4oz. shot of whipped cream flavored Vodka



If you are over 350 pounds, you can eat free to "maintain your weight" Haha.


I tried to go there while in Dallas TX a few months ago. I couldn't though because they would not take credit cards, also the woman I was with had kids and they wouldn't let you split a burger between kids.

So we didn't go there. :frowning:


Hahaha!! Hilarious stuff.

Their triple bypass burger looks temptadelicious. Yummy!