Heart and steroids

A little info on myself. Ive been lifting for about 8 years. 2-3 years ago I did a cycle of TA with great results. Shortly after that I injured my back and finally have had the surgery necessary to fix the problem. I have lost a lot of muscle and my career as a lacrosse player will be ending soon when I graduate. When I had the surgery, they found out that I have a “hole in my heart.” Its not a typical murmor where a valve doesnt seal completely, but rather a hole between the two halves of the atrium (its there as a fetus, but then is supposed to close). It has been there since I was born, but this new information has me reconsidering a second cycle. Any info or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys

Talk to your doc about it. Thats the only advice I can give you.

My God yes. There are some smart dudes on hear, but you would be nuts getting advice from anyone on this but a heart specialist, or, less so, an MD.

You should consult a specialist. I think personally if you are dead set on using steriods, you should stay away from steroids that cause high sodium and pottasium retention (= water retention) like testosterone, dbol, deca, e.t.c. and stick to steroids such as primo, anavar, winstrol, and trenbolone. Any water retention is going to make it harder on your heart to function. You could end up at risk for conjestive heart failure, thrombo emboli (development of clots), And cardiomegally (an enlarged heart). Higher levels of fluid retention is going to cause the heart to work harder to keep the blood flowing. If because of your septal defect your heart cannot meet the demand this could result in 1. fluid backup in your lungs, 2. Development of blood clots within the heart (increase in platelets + decrease in blood flow), which could theoretically travel up to your brain causing a stroke. 3. Enlargement of the heart - If the heart is having a tough time meeting it’s O2 demands this stimulates it to become more muscular to do so (AAS increases this possibility), the only problem is: as the heart becomes larger and stronger, its metabolic demands increase further as well so it continues to starve itself. Enlargement of the heart can effect contractillity also which lowers the cardiac output forcing the heart to work even harder.

So these are just some of the things that are theoretically possible in your situation. Every though of having the defect closed?

Hold on a second. While having back surgery the medical folk discover that you have a hold in your heart, tell you about it, and send you on your merry way? And then you go on a Steroid BB and ask us what direction you should go?