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Hearing Loss/Tinnitus

Do any of you suffer from tinnitus? If so, can you pinpoint a specific event that led to the nerve damage or do you believe it happened over time? Did the condition resolve or have you been told it will be permanent?

Does the ringing get worse when you lift or otherwise exercise?

Any input would be appreciated…

When I worked with chain saws, chippers, and stump grinders my hearing was very bad. I’d get ringing in my ears and severe headaches.

In my case, my hearing has returned to being extremely good, but that is a couple of years removed from the noise. It the affects of noise damage can vary depending on the frequency, volume and time exposed(both daily and long term), so it’s hard to say whether or not the damage can be recovered from.

Why aren’t you wearing some ear protection?

It’s not actually about me. I have a friend who suffered significant hearing loss and tinnitus following a rock concert. The guy is still pretty fucked up six months out and the prognosis is not good.

The ringing drives him nuts when he lifts. Of course, it interferes with his sleep as well. There was no hearing protection available at the concert and he had not brought his own.
I just wanted further input about this condition. Thanks for yours.

That is strange.

Was he standing right next to the cone of a speaker or something? Because that is a short period of time for such long term damage.

Maybe he should get a check up from and M.D. or otolarynologist. I’ve heard of high blod pressure causing a ringing in the ears too.

I read through the thread and I feel sorry for your friend. I’ve actually left concerts because they were too loud even WITH hearing protection.

I work in construction and deal w/ loud noises for extended periods of time. I sometimes wear DOUBLE hearing protection depending on the activity. Most rock concerts are LOUDER than wear I work, so I can see the need for hearing protection.

I would definitely have him see a doctor and get a THOROUGH check up. He may want to try a white noise machine for when he needs to sleep. When your ears ring, hearing SOMETHING is better than to be stuck w/ crickets chirping in your ears. Good luck.

The guy has been to his pcp and an ENT. They say the damage is permanent. My friend is diabetic and the doctors told him the condition makes him particularly vulnerable to this type of nerve damage.

I went to an audiologist for ear phones. This doctor told me the band/sound mixer was negligent for making the sound so loud it caused hearing loss in a fan. My friend was not next to a speaker, but, as aforementioned, his diabetes makes him an “egg shell”.

An estimated 7% of the population, however, suffers from diabetes. It is not, therefore, a unique weakness.

If this case were presented to you as a juror, what would you think? Did my friend assume the risk of hearing damage, did the sound mixer fuck up, etc.?
And thanks for the white noise machine recommendation. I will certainly tell my friend.

No, this seems like an assumed risk.

Even people that don’t go to concerts know that rock concerts are loud.

There is also the time of exposure to consider. A few seconds around a loud noise is enough to tell if you want to stick around. Concerts run for a couple of hours. Plenty of time to leave if you feel at risk for hearing damage.

There aren’t many circumstances that would cause immediate, permanent hearing damage outside of an explosion or direct trauma to the ear.

Your friend may have permanent hearing loss, but I have read some studies that Magnesium supplementation can help prevent and in some cases reverse temporary hearing loss.



I hope this helps,


Thanks, I will certainly pass it on to him.

Cool, just make sure he goes with Magnesium Glycinate. It is the best form for increasing intracellular magnesium levels with minimal gastric distress.

Oh, by the way… don’t bother getting a blood test for magnesium deficiency by his doctor because they are notoriously inaccurate. They only measure the blood levels of magnesium (which only accounts for 1% of body total) and not the amounts in other tissues of the body where it is more abundant.

Make sure you find out what is causing it.

My hearing got prgressively worse in my early 40’s. I assumed it was a combination of age and prior military service in a tank which is hell on your hearing.

The tinnitus I had was caused by an acoustic nueroma which is a tumor on your auditory nerve. Make sure that is not what you have. If you do, get it treated before it gets larger and the problem gets worse.

I have suffered noticeable hearing loss in my 12 yrs of Naval service, due to firing guns without hearing protection, loud music in car and at concerts, and just from constant noise of living on a ship.

Good news: studies have shown that daily supplementation with N-acetyl-cysteine can restore a good portion of the hearing lost. It will take at least 2-3 months before he notices a difference(if it helps), but it helped me. IIRC, the dosage should be 600mg/day(I took that in one dose).