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Heard of a Test Level of 190?


At 42 years old that is what I have. Doc calls and says we need to talk. Well I don't know WTF you want to talk about, but TRT is what is going to happen.

It just worries me as I have never had a level that low, nor have I ever heard of a man my age with a level that low.


We have young guys that low. Post your labs and please read the advice for new guys sticky.


Mine was 251 at age 44, which is in the same ballpark. It happens. Poke around here and you'll see lots of guys your age and younger with T that low, and lower.


One of my labs came back at 14x, at 35. I was coming off a half-assed TRT going to a new doctor at that point.


I came in at 179 with a reference range of 250-1100 . . . . and I'm 25. (24 when I first found out)


I have a patient at 95!, but we have isolated factors which we are exploring as probable causes.


Ok guys thanks. It is 190 which is 27 points lower than ever. But I have lost two lbs muscle and gained 13 lbs fat since September.

Doc didn't run all the tests I wanted but here is what I have.

Estrodiol 25.9 (7.6-42.6)
DHT 19.2 (30-85)
Total Test 190 (350-1030)
Bio test 128 (95-350)
Bio test % 59.2
Free test% 2.1 (1.5-3.2)
Free test 46J (52-280)
SHGB 18.1 (10-30)
Vit D (21.8) (32-100)

Nurse said Doc passed on that She wants total test around 800 (woo hoo!)



Vit D is low. Get the 1000IU or 2000IU oil-filled D3 gelcaps from Costco or BJ's or your local drugstore, take 4000IU a day for a month, retest. (Vit D is oil-soluable. Don't get tablets, they don't absorb well.) A good level is around 60-80.


Thank you Drexel, she has suggested the same thing with the Vit D and am having me get it from the local apothecary shoppe which has the little gel caps.


120 total test at 21.


Thanks guys. I just hope my doc is willing to do everything needed. not only the Test but the armidex, Hcg etc. If not then I still have a friggin battle.

I presume as the total test comes up then DHT will too? From what I have read DHT really has a huge effect on libido which I have none of right now.


You have low T now and are also estrogen dominant. Your symptoms are very consistent with that.

Have you gained weight or lost muscle and gained fat with not much of a weight change?

Test TSH, CRP, homocysteine.

Report cholesterol numbers and glucose.


Yes on the Gained fat, lost muscle, but I gained weight overall not stayed the same. As for as being Estrogen dominant, what is the number I am shooting for?


Your T is very low and E2 is low. The ratio means that estrogen is dominant.

You need to start TRT and then get the labs.

You need TT=800-100
E2 near 22pg/ml, managed with anastrozole - as in the stickies

Your problem may be more than hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism has many of the same symptoms.
Do you use iodized salt?
Iodine in vitamins?
get cold easily
check waking body temps and report
describe how you react to major stress
list supplements


Starting TRT today. She gave me a shot in office, and script so I will be self injecting from here on out.

for other questions

Yes use salt

No Multivitamin so no Iodine

Nope run hot, wife says I radiate heat. Have always been hot natured.
Not good with stress, never have been since I was younger I guess. Heart rate goes up, get pissed too easy stuff like that. I seem to let stuff get to me easier than I should.

Supplements right now, Starting 2000 iu of D-3 2x per day, Fish oil from Costco (over 900mg of EPA DHA per cap) 2-3x per day. Starting Zinc 60mg per day. Going to start making sure protein is where it needs to be with shakes, other than that will maybe start taking some Vit C


And yes the doc says TT goal is at least 800.


Starting to think there is a lot more people with this issue than will ever get it properly diagnosed. I guess we are lucky to be in the group that did. My last lab prior to TRT was at 140 total T. I'm 38.


My concern is why so many men in the US are suffering from this at such a young age. I look back now and I think my stuff had to start around 30 or so.


Ok got shot from doc yesterday, starting 100mg per week injections on my own next week. Doc says she is waiting 90 days to redo testing. At that time she will run all the testing needed and do my yearly physical (DRE yuck!).

She says with my level at 190 it may take a month to feel anything and my blood work needs 90 full days on TRT to get a new, correct reading. At that time she will most likely prescribe Arimidex.


I am 22 and at my lowest my T was 189