Hear that bell?

You’re about to be schooled. In this week’s T-Nation:

Testosterone Vampirellas
by TC

The Nuclear Pooch illuminates the world with his powerful insight, keen wit, cutting sarcasm, amazing brain and… and… Okay, I haven’t read it yet. I’m sure it’s swell though.

Isometrics for Mass!
by Christian Thibaudeau

Freeze! To get big and strong, don’t move a muscle!

Shake It Up II
by the T-mag Readers

Protein shake recipes so good you’ll spontaneously orgasm. Then again, TC and Chris do that every time their secretary chews on a pencil. This led to an office-wide ban on all phallus-shaped objects – just so they’d do their damn work. Freud wept.

The Cat’s Lair
Q & A with John Paul Catanzaro

The stretching guru drops some knowledge on weighted pull-ups, twice-a-day training, and building a big beefy back!

(Dig the alliteration in that last line. Yeah, I went to college for that.)

Losing Your (Energy) Balance, Part II
by Dr. Lonnie Lowery

More easy-to-use calorie dilution techniques so you can take your shirt off at the beach without worrying about a bunch of animal lovers trying to roll your whale-like ass back into the water.

News and Feedback

Hotel rooms for cardio junkies, shopping carts for powerlifters, MP3 players for gym rats, and a very special test for breast enthusiasts.

All that plus Coach Joe DeFranco in the Guest Forum all week!

Yeah, we rock.