Hear my cry, oh HITer Scott

Hey buddy, I heard you say you were a Cinci-man. Well, whataya know? I’m about 45 minutes south of ya in Lexington. I won’t hold your Bearcat status against you though ;), since do indeed share a bond here in the T-Nation. So, do you know any other T-brood in your area? I know of no other in my area. I was just curious if you wanted to look into a little KY, OH T-cell (and even WV and TN) headed up by us and a few other motivated fellows. Let me know. Also, a guy from TN posted a similar post below me.

One more thing: I want your car too ;0. No joke, I’m looking into getting a touring model, black on black. The Z is legendary. What colors do you suggest?

Hey! Lexington, huh? That’s cool. I moved in Cinci in August. I don’t know of any other T-men in my area either. Starting a OH-KY-WV-TN cell would be cool. I wonder if there is anyone here from Southern IN? On the Z, I really like all the colors (excpet white). I think my favorite color is the Brickyard Red.

Hey Guys, I’m North of you all (Akron) but I don’t mind a good drive, not every week mind you, but once a month or once a quarter.

That’s cool guys. I’ll keep bumpin up this thread for about a week and see what happens.

I’m in WV, Morgantown for now, but I’m moving to Athens OH for grad school it looks like. I don’t know any other t-members here instate, that I’ve seen on here, but if you’re meeting up, I’d drive down, to get in one of the t-cells.

That’s great Mike. I figure we’ll give this thread some time before we start making any plans. I’ll let you know.

No problem, let me know if there’s anything I can do to help, I check the forums at least once a day, so just leave me a message on here.


Poohbaya whats up man, i also live in lexington and go to school at UK, have you been to the Johnson center yet, its great…talk to u later man


You gotta be friggin kiddin me. Are you
new to the forum? I have never seen you here before. Anyway, I go Transy. I lift at Gold’s on Richmond Rd. I live off-campus. What year are you? Junior here. Your the first forumite I ever even met from the whole state. Where are you from originally? Prestonsburg here. I got a good friend who lifts at UK-Ryan Owens. Though he’s a BB freak like me, I don’t know that he’s a true T-man. A good guy though and he’s from back home as well. My roommate is the starting DT for UK. Hint-Hint: #68. We’re best friends and played HS ball together. Well, anyway, this is going better than I had planned. We may have a legit cell before long. I’ll keep in touch with you.


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