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Hear About Exxon/Mobil Boycott?

I have been hearing whispers of boycotting Exxon and Mobil because they are the largest oil companies. This is like that chain email from years ago where everyone does not buy gas on a certain day, only this time it is specific companies we supposed to not buy gas from.

I am wondering if anyone else has heard of this and if so, what their take on it is.

Personally, with their CEO retiring and taking an 800 million retirement package (excessive?) coupled with the fact they have not paid the fines levied against them from the Valdez oil spill 18 years go, I am all about boycotting Exxon.


The only thing you’ll do is hurt the common worker.

Won’t work.

You’ll have to buy gas from somewhere, if everyone avoids Exxon/Mobil and goes to a competitor, those competitors will experience shortages.

Where do you think they’ll go to buy more oil to address the shortage?

Long story short: A boycott only works if you can completely avoid using the product you’re boycotting.

We could boycott HDTVs and Twinkies. Oil? Not a chance.