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Healthy Yet Tasty Recipe Ideas

Hello all,

This is a very broad question but does anyone have any recipes for healthy meals? A few weeks back, I wanted to see how really clean eating would go for me - just wanted to see what I’d think of it, since I’ve never ate very well.

I lost 10lbs in as many days, but hated it. I purposely ate, like, super clean, but it wasn’t in a sustainable way. I never really felt hungry - trying to get in enough protein left me full and I usually wouldn’t want to finish meals, so hunger wasn’t my issue, but more so the taste…it was just dry, plain meat and veggies.

I did find one awesome recipe for a pretty healthy dressing that I’ve been putting on turkey, rice, and broccoli slaw, but I’d like some variations. It can be anything - for ways to cook meat, add flavor to veggies, or also anything breakfast related. I like eggs and oatmeal, so I’ll probably eat those or a protein shake most days.

Anyway, like I said, super broad, but if you have any ideas at all for healthy yet good tasting meals, I’m open to them!

(If it matters, I’m working on dropping some weight.)

Ingredients are one thing, but portion size is usually the problem.

Doesn’t matter if it’s “clean” if there’s just too much of it being eaten.

Thanks. I was losing weight, so I don’t think portions were much of an issue. Just wanted some ideas that made it taste better.

I’ve been making a nice creamy dressing lately using 4 tbsp. sour cream, 2 tbsp. Evo, 4 tbsp. balsamic, white wine vinegar, or lemon juice as the base then spicing it up with any combo of basil, oregano, pepper, and garlic, etc. Dilute with a bit of water as preferred.

The dinner I made last night was chicken tenders and diced tomatoes on a bed of spinach with the lemon pepper version of the above dressing.

I don’t know if that’s clean, but it’s all good fresh ingredients prepared well.

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That sounds good. I like balsamic vinegar on things. What’s Evo?

E.xtra V.irgin O.live oil.

I like the first press, sort of greenish tinted stuff for dressings and dipping. It has nicer flavor. The regular golden/yellow blended stuff is fine for some cooking stuff, but for raw food flavor the first press is the best.

Ah you kids with the hip lingo.

I’ll try it out!

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George Foreman grill.
I could not make it without one.
I know that’s not a recipe, but it’s so easy to make a lot of great, lean food.

Chicken Super Nachos:

Bake 1.25lbs of trimmed chicken breasts in an oven; salt and pepper only
Grab a new baking pan pour tortilla chips on the pan, cut the chicken and lay over chips
Add one low-fat mozzarella cheese stick
Add 2-3 cans of unsalted black beans

Bake for 10-15 min until the cheese melts and chips warm.

Chop tomatoes, onion and cilantro or parsley and sprinkle over dish. Can add chopped sweet peppers as well.

Chicken Pho:

Bake 1.25lbs of trimmed chicken breast. Add Beef Bone Pho broth (sold at grocery stores) to a pot. Add cinnamon and black pepper to broth. Warm broth. Boil Vietnamese Pho rice noodles in water. Drain noodles.

Add noodles to a large bowl. Add chicken to the bowl. Slice an onion and add to bowl. Chop parsley or cilantro and add to bowl. Add mint leaves to bowl. Pour in warm/hot broth into bowl; fill to top. Slice a lemon or lime and eat with dish.

Turkey and Yams:

Cook 1lb of 99% lean ground turkey breast in a pan; salt and pepper.

Bake one or two sweet potatoes.

Serve with bean sprouts, sliced lime and pomegranate juice.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich:

Grill or bake 1.25lbs of trimmed chicken breast; salt and pepper
Use Brioche or Potato buns. Use 2 or 3 buns.
Add bagged spinach and baby-kale to bun. Pour balsamic vinegar on buns.

Make sandwich. Serve with 1/2 cup (dry) of quinoa and one medium sweet potato, or tortilla chips.

Wild Salmon:

7oz bagged frozen salmon, individually portioned. Bake in oven with salt and pepper.

Serve with broccoli and carrots. Can add wild rice.

Kodiak Cakes:

Kodiak power cake mix for waffles or flapjacks (pancakes). Has whole grains, oats, wheat protein and whey protein. 1 cup (dry) of the mix makes a perfect breakfast.

Chicken and Rice:

Marinate 1.25lbs of trimmed chicken breasts in balsamic vinegar. Season with salt and pepper. Fry on low heat, covered with a lid until cooked through.

Serve with mixed greens including spinach and baby kale. 1-2 cups (dry) of brown, jasmine or sushi rice, 1 fried egg, two limes and some carrots.

Daily Smoothy:

2 - 3 handfuls of frozen mango chunks
3 strawberries
1 handful of blueberries
3-5 green grapes
1 lime
1 slice of lemon
2 handfuls of spinach and baby kale mix
some ice shavings
1 scoop of pea protein
pomegranate juice