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Healthy Testosterone Levels for Women on TRT

My wife is on TRT pellets through a local urologist. Her latest blood work came back with a TT of 281. I feel this is crazy high, however the Dr. insists this is perfectly fine and would be healthy with numbers upward of 400 ng/dl.

Those are supraphysiological levels, the ranges for women are 15 and 70 ng/dL.

Does your wife have any male characteristics like excess facial or body hair?

More importantly how does your wife feel?

She has only been on the pellets since September. She feels great until her numbers drop back around 150 ng/dL. She hasn’t shown any virilization side effects. Her sex drive is able to keep up with mine however which is awesome. On female HRT forums it seems TT numbers in the 300s are common.

I heard some doctors speak about testosterone resistance where more testosterone is needed to overcome this receptor resistance, similar to thyroid resistance. It’s not hard to believe since we are bombarded by chemicals on a daily basis.

Is she on birth control? What is her free testosterone?

No birth control. She is 42. We have 4 children. I have had a vasectomy. Her Dr. hasn’t checked free T. Is it possible that pellets have a poor bioavailability? This particular urologist has many women in our area on pellets. I was seeing this Dr. myself until she tried to get me to switch to pellets instead of injections. The Dr. pushes pellets because they aren’t covered by insurance and I’m sure they are far more profitable.

Any thoughts on this @physioLojik @unreal24278

@hmcyl how long has she had the pellets in?

Women do much better on pellets than men do, for the fact that your wife feels great it would be nice to see what that looks like on paper for future reference by testing Free T the next time around.

I recommend a complete female hormone panel which you can get yourself on discount labs.

This is the second time she has had the pellets implanted. I believe it has been approx. 3 weeks, maybe 4 at the most since she got them this time.