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'Healthy Sweet Potato' Have You Got Yours?


Shopping in the supermarkey in cairo and i came across the ultimate food supplement, have u got urs?




I had a sweet potato last night. There are many vendors on the streets of Taipei with them. Then I go home and put cheese in it and close it back up so the cheese melts a bit.


Speaking of Cairo...How are things where you are? What with the situation going on in the news and all.


They probably don't even have the right to put this pic on their poorly manufactured product...
that's how it goes in the arab Cough retarded Cough world.


I travelled back to england for 2 weeks in the middle of it all and just came back on Wednesday. It feels like nothing has changed here its pretty weird.

Now mubarak has gone it seems all the people are pulling together, ordinary people are cleaning the streets and the roads. Everyone has flags and it seems everyone has become very patriotic it's quite a good atmosphere.

We just gota wait and see what happens next.

@Jasmincar... of course they don't have the rights, ur retarted for thinking they do!