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Healthy Sorbet Recipe?

Does anyone has a good and healthy sorbet recipe made with splenda to keep it low-carb?

Fruit, One of the Fruit flavors Metabolic Drives, blend put in ice cream maker maybe a lil guar gum to thicken Very little and enjot


Coco powder, semi frozen ground beef and splendra, put it in a blender then in a bowl and enjoy.

get some plain organic yogurt, add a scoop of Metabolic Drive per 175g yogurt. this comes out to be a pudding like consistency and it tastes good too. you can add ground flax, chopped nuts, and fruit. if you put it in the freezer, it will be like ice cream.

i usually have this for breakfast and before bed along with some fish oil pills and a scoop of greens powder - sometimes in water, sometimes in the mix.