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Healthy Seasonal Snack


While I was shopping for groceries today I had what I thought was an interesting snack idea (hell, maybe it was mentioned here last year).

Behold, the frozen shrimp ring.

Once this thing thaws out it will be 50g or more of ready to east protein that will happily sit in your fridge for a day after thawing.

Frozen so it will last forever, precooked so it is ready to eat as soon as thawed, and as a low fat protein source you can snack on it all day long during any dietary phase.

If they go on sale after Xmas, I'm stocking up!


I also found cheap canned tuna with a pop-top today... gotta love the convenience of that. Not exactly a snack item though.


Sounds good, but the real question is, did you find any low-carb cocktail sauce? You just can't eat shrimp without it.


I thought most cocktail sauce was pretty low carb. Although you could probably just mix some of that low-carb ketchup with horseradish and a good squeeze of lemon juice, and I bet that would do just fine.


Heh, I ate most of a ring this evening... without cocktail sauce. I figure if I had sauce I would've polished off the entire thing.

I'm thinking maybe an oil and vinegar style dressing my be an alternative. Can't eat the same flavor all the time!


...They go 2 for 1 at the market, so my boyfriend always gets them :slight_smile:
Great source of protein, and pretty darn tasty. Only problem is that they have a lot of cholesterol...


I like Sambal Oelek and organic mustard for shrimps.


Also those single serving bags of salad shrimp easy cheap, preccoked quality protein. Great on Guess what?? Salads.


Oil and Balsamic Vinegar either dipped or tossed in a salad...

Soya Sauce with Wasabi mixed in it...the best!

Garlic/Olive Oil...fry them in it

hummus or low/FF tzadziki

Just a few ideas...