Healthy Recipes

I was wondering if any of you have any great healthy recipes that you would like to share, such as grilling sauces, meal ideas, etc?

Tip for reducing the amount of mayo in tuna salad. Use low fat cottage cheese to make it moist. Then add a little mayo for flavor.

I use non-fat yogurt that has been drained over night in a coffee filter. Then I just season it as I want and mix it in with tuna or whatever. It is a little tangy by itself but when you add it to tuna you can’t tell it isn’t mayo.

Wasabi sauce w/ ginger some sweet relish, chopped onion, pepper. Really adds a sweet kick to a can of tuna.

Smart Balance does make a mayo. It doesnt have any tans fats and taste good to me, i cant tell its not real mayo.

Here are a few threads that I added some recipes on,there are many other healthy ones that are great as well!! Enjoy Princess;jsessionid=69AE1284EAB726043AFC91A94B63506B.ba08?id=275667


last one…There ya go,now you ahev tons of great recipes so GET COOKING!

last one…There ya go,now you ahev tons of great recipes so GET COOKING!;jsessionid=69AE1284EAB726043AFC91A94B63506B.ba08?id=316951

My wife makes our tuna salad with mustard instead of mayo…and pickle relish + a bit of salt/pepper. Giddyup.