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Healthy Ramen Noodles?

Has anyone tried Vite ramen? I’ve bought this stuff since I’m living in a hotel room for the next 35 days. I figured it would be a good go too when I didn’t have anything else prepared and would stop me from caving and going to get a burger. What do y’all think? Also any other advice on healthy hotel room meals would help.

I think I’d take the burger ahead of Ramen.


Just use half the flavor packs and throw in a can of tuna or salmon.

Edit: sorry, don’t know anything about vitae-ramen.

Go get yourself a small/cheap foreman type grill from Walmart under $20, you can do boneless chicken thighs, steaks, burgers, fish.
You can nuke potatoes, 90sec rice and veggies. But as far as ramen goes I never eat the stuff. But I’m in hotels 80% + of my time

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What is wrong with eating a burger? If I did not have anything prepared I would sooner eat canned tuna/chicken, or those $5 ready made rotisserie chickens that they sell at every market. Ramen noodles just seems like a shit ton of carbs.


the thing with ramen is the very high fat content (when referring to noodles).

regular ole pasta with a little red sauce would be much healthier then add meat.

but yea id stick with canned tuna and those uncle ben’s microwave rice. the basmati rice is really good

I think this is because they are flash fried. I boil mine, then drain the water to get rid of all of the fat. I’m not sure it helps, but it makes me feel better.


I would too but the 1000 calorie meal from Carl’s Jr. isn’t worth it haha

Gotcha yeah I was gonna bust out the crock pot for some meals. The thing is I’ll be restricted to base for up to 5 days straight with little to no warning (no commissary on base here) so I wanted a back up supply of decent food

I was specifically talking about “Vite ramen”. It looked interesting and tastes decent. It’s like Vitamin infused ramen.

I haven’t tried it, but it looks good or it’s just the eggs and green leafy veggies that they have added in the vlog.

Ah, obvs, I was talking about the ten for a dollar shit at the supermarket.

My bad.

I’m not familiar with vite ramen, but in general eating ramen is fine as long as in moderation.

Nothing beats a good ramen.


So is this vitamin ramen also low sodium ramen?

It has 575mg of sodium so less than regular ramen atleast