Healthy Pre-Made Salad Dressing

Does anybody know of any pre-made olive oil and vinegar salad dressings that are tasty? I ask because I’ve gotten sick of using straight olive oil and balsamic vinegar on my salads. I recently started using Newman’s Own olive oil and vinegar salad dressing, which is tasty and doesn’t contain any partially hydrogenated crap. However, it does contain soybean oil, which I belived didn’t contain any phytoestrogens until Glen Nielsen started posting here :-(, so now I’d like to switch to something that has olive oil, vinegar, and spices as the only ingredients. Any and all brand name suggestions (as well as locations of purchase) would be greatly appreciated.

Why don´t you ad some spices yourself ? Like oregano (spl?), curry or something in your taste.

Try some of homemade stuff like this: Olive oil, flax oil, safflower oil (you can sub the safflower for the olive if you don’t want all 3) in about equal quantities. Add some balsamic to you tastes. Then add some Mrs. Dash or similar for some spicing. If you want to add a bit more, you can chop up some garlic. I store it in some plastic bottles (they look like small milk bottles) with a cap in the fridge (you must refridgerate it due to the flax oil!).

Stay away from Oregano. There was an article a while back in Testoterone by Doug Kalman that stated, “Oregano has 8 Micrograms of Progesterone Equivalents/2 g Dry Herb”
The article’s title was “Eat Like a T-Man:
Can diet affect Testosterone and estrogen levels?”

Try getting some of the Good Seasons Italian salad dressing mixes and mixing them up with an olive/flax oil combo and some Balsamic vinnegar. It’s damn tasty. The nice folks at Good Seasons even include a cruette in which to mix the dressing.