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Healthy Late Night Snacks


I always seem to get hungry right before I go to bed. I was just wondering what are some healthy late night snacks to eat. My trainer suggested some 4% cottage cheese mixed with protein powder and frozen blueberries. Does anyone else have any suggestions?


whatever alows you to hit your macro goals for the day.

a lot of people will tell you to keep carbs low for this meal, but there is no legitimate reason why. a simple mixed meal of protein, carbs and fat will digest slowly and keep you fed throughout the night.


A slow release protein works wonders for me! Casein is my first choice. Plus peanut butter with it


cottage chesse, peanut butter, whey, splenda, fishoil stir and shovel.


whoops sorry i forgot to mention that I dont want to eat stuff like chicken and meat before bed, it just doesnt feel like a late night snack to me.



You can also mix flax seed meal, egg whites, splenda/stevia, protein powder...microwave and top w/ peanut butter and maybe a lil sf syrup! YUM! No slow release protein in that one though.

Oh and you can add sf/ff pudding (butterscotch is great - but they all work) mix to just about anything sweet and it will taste delicious!


All these are great ideas, for me, this will sound funny but I like some celery sticks with some All-Natural Peanut Butter. Just like the old school snack. The fiber from the celery and protein/fat from the PB make it satisfying.


yup. 1 cup cottage cheese, 1 scoop choc Metabolic Drive, 1-2 tbls of natty PB, splenda to taste. Every night before bed.

Mashed up its kinda like pudding, a little chunkier. You could probably blend it smooth if so desired.


Sardines, cheese, maybe a handful of almonds or walnuts, or cashews if I get a wild hair... Greek style yogurt (lower carb) with a few berries. Smoked salmon (lox). If I don't have anything tasty on hand, I have a couple scoops of casein and a tbspn of flax meal in a shake.


I tend to just have a smaller shake and some almonds or something small like that.


cottage cheese, PB + milk...


PF meal. I usually have either a homemade protein bar each containing three eggs. and 60g casein powder with cocca.
OR, a full fat cottage cheesecake.

Generally you want a slow digesting protein and a good dose of fats with minimal carbs. I believe Berardi has written some interesting articles on the topic.

I believe nutrient timing is far more important than macronutrient ratios. I also believe that just before bed/last meal of the day is probably the worst time you could have a carbohydrate based meal.


For convenience, nothing tops a few scoops of met drive, but I usually prefer some real food when I can get it, even if it's just cottage cheese and cashews. What I discovered when I was prepping for a show and knew I would be out for a while, was that you can mix up 2 scoops of choc met drive and PB with a small bit of water, and then microwave it for about 70 seconds. It turns solid, and you can wrap it up and toss it in your jacket pocket with your chicken breasts and bags of cahsews -lol.



My bedtime shake is milk, casein, and natural pb. Every now and then i'll throw in a banana.


First, if it's really important to you, I would look into WHY you are always hungry at night. Perhaps not eating enough during the day? Anyways, to your actualy question, nothing special I can add...

Natural PB, jerkey, cheese. Sometimes I make a small salad with har boiled eggs and with cheese and a good italian dressing. Hell I've ben known to have a cheeseburger(no bun). Basically anything that has little to no carbs for me is fair game.

I get home from work about 9, so my last feeding is usually around 9:30-10.