Healthy Inebrients?

Although some may think this belongs in the off topic forum; I on the other hand think this is the perfect place for it.

As a 32 year old man, who is constantly watching carbohydrate timing, P+F combos etc. One wonders what is a healthy inebrient? Wine with it’s resveratol, and potent antioxidants is one guess - but alcoholism is not an option :slight_smile:

Besides Yoga and Tree Hugging, what does the better part of the healthy t-men do (use) to unwind?

Flame away

Although not scientific, I try to stay with the simple “clear” drinks like Vodka and Soda (not Tonic, as it has sugar).


I build birdhouses, go for long walks on the beach, listen to Kenny G, do the wine and cheese circuit, spelling bees and when time permits, I work on my stamp collection.

wack off.