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Healthy/Homemade Salad Dressing

Hey guys, there was an article on T-Nation a while ago that gave 3 different recipes to make a healthy salad dressing… I have searched, and manually skimmed through about 40 recent articles with nutrition in the headline, and i havent been able to find the damn article again. I thought i bookmarked it but i didnt. Anyone know what article this is? also if nobody can tell me what the article is, does anyone have their own recipes for dressing? thanks alot

Chef Lisa Marie is my new favorite poster due to this thread. I found it a few days ago, and I just finished reading it.

It’s got a few salad dressing’s in there. The first page has a list of which recipe’s are on which page.

If you get a few ideas, try it. Feel free to post it if it tastes good.

Wow! Thats not the article i was looking for but it looks like alotta good stuff. Now that i think about it, the article i was looking might have been from the figure athlete site. They were showing one occasionally on T-Nation now and then. Thanks for the article though, i’ll def have to check some of those out. I’m eating a ton of chicken/spinach salads and alotta the time i just eat them plain so i dont add garbage to it, so i’m tryin to find a good dressing to throw on em.