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Healthy foods that taste good


I was reading some old threads where some forum members were listing their own recipes that fit into the various eating plans we are on: T-Dawg, Cheaters' etc. For example, One that I really liked was mixing the chocolate protein, chunky peanut butter and ground flax seeds.

Can some people list some of their other favorite creative concoctions? They can be regular meals or desserts. I am getting real bored with my current food lineup.

Thanks in advance!


This is one that actually got me to start eating oatmeal. I got this one from my good buddy Timbo.

1 serv. oats
1 banana
1.5-2 scoops Grow (either variety)
5 sprays calorie-free butter spray
1 tsp. cinnamon
1 pkt. Splenda
Maple extract (small amt)

Also fat-free cottage cheese w. various fruits (strawberries, blueberries, pineapple) and vanilla Low-carb grow is a treat as well.

I can't wait to try that pb/flax/choc. Grow concoction...sounds quite good!


4realyo...im glad you liked that recipe i eat those PB bars just about everyday!

here is one that i made up that tastes really good i post this on another thread a few months ago:


Chocolate Pudding Pie

crust( i have give credit to John K. Williams Ph.d for this awesome crust)

1 Cup graham cracker crumbs(break up and put into blender)
1/4 Cup ground flax seeds
1/4 Cup raw oat bran
1 oz. fat free cream cheese
1/3 cup water

1 package chocolate fat free,sugar free pudding
1 1/2 cup cold fat free milk
2-3 scoops van. or chocolate protein powder
2 cups of fat free cottage cheese(smooth out in blender if you dont like white clumps)

after spreading crust in a 8-9" pie pan dump in pudding mixture and freeze. NOTE:after about an hour in the freezer slice the pie up so you dont have to take a hack saw to it later.

this is a great P+C snack,great for post workout after your shake.this pie is put together super quick so there are no excuses not to try it!!

please post some feedback so i know if i should post more of my recipes.


And here is a shake that a freind of mine came up with and i added some finishing touches. P.S. this shake will remind you of Thanksgiving,i use it for a filling P+C breakfast:

Yam or sweet Potato shake:

1- decent sized baked,or microwaved Yam(they are a bit sweeter then sweet potatos)
12 oz. water
1-2 scoops of Vanilla protein powder
1 spoonful of raw oatmeal
1 spoonful of fat free Cool Whip(if you have it around)
A dash on cinnamon
handful of ice........enjoy!


Fruits and nuts are great raw.

Smoothies with fruit, flax, cinnamon, allspice, protein powder are great.

Occasional banana/raspberry bread or pancakes.



One of my favorites...

Add one scoop of vanilla flavored protein powder to an 8 oz. container of Key Lime flavored fat-free yogurt.


(I actually like it with any flavor of yogurt, but lime or lemon tastes the best)

The breakdown of the one I just devoured was 33g protein, 33g carbs, 290 cals, and 2g fat.


I love no-fat cottage cheese with vanilla, low-carb Grow .


oatmeal, applesauce, cinammon, chocolate whey.


Thanks everybody for the recipes so far! I'll keep checking this thread for more.

Dave, those bars are great. What do you use to crush the flax seeds? There has to be an easier way than what I am doing?

Also, anybody have any good protein pancake recipes?

Thanks again. This forum has been a big help to me. I read it all night until I get a headache...lol.


4real...you can run the seeds through a coffee grinder. You can also buy them already ground, in vaccuum-packed bags. I store mine in the refrigerator once their opened, tho.


1 cup grape juice
1 cup skim milk
1 bannana
flavorless fiber supplement
.5 cup ff cc
Xg protein blend (prefer whey/egg white)
5 strawberries
water as needed

P+F shakes, hemp and coconut oil


I use a coffee grinder like Lisa....I have to agree with you I also love to see what other people eat and recipes that they have created.....


See the thread "Alright chefs, lets step up" It was started by Rumbach awhile back. There are TONS of recipes on there.


Here's my P+F protein pancake:

1 med egg
70g egg white
10g low carb chocolate grow
25g Dry cottage cheese
1/2 tsp sugar free raspberry jello powder

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Pour the contents in a non-stick pan sprayed with some Pam. Cover the pan with a large lid. Cook on medium for 5 min unitl it fluffs up. Flip the panckae over to brown the other side and Viola! you're ready to eat.
Serve it with 10g natural PB spread on top.

Nutrient Breakdown: 190 cals, 25g protein, 7.5 g fat, 4 g cho.

This is based on my body wt but you can double it to match your nutrient requirements.



whats "dry cottage cheese" is that like powdered milk or you mean not runny stuff that has been sitting open in your fridge for the past 3 weeks?


Dry cottage cheese is just that: DRY.

It has basically ZERO carbs because they take out all the lactose and just leave the CURDS (pure calcium casienate, baby!!)

I dont think you Canadian Jr people have it there (yes, I'm referring to the US). But here in Canada, we are more blessed. :stuck_out_tongue:


Omelet with avocado and ham (or some other kind of meat).


More P+Fs please!

personaly for a quick tasty P+F i mix chocolate protein powder with a dollop of PB and stir with enough water till it's gooey then add sugar free jello :slight_smile:


Damn! i need to find dry cottage cheese!...those pancakes sound tasty Cass


We do have dry cottage cheese here. we however do not have tryptophan and cyclamates....wonder what other differences there are.

for those of you in US interested in dry cottage cheese....in dairy case, look near the Ricotta for it.