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healthy fats

While on massive eating, it’s understood that you take in your flax oil or other fish oils with your P+F meals. Question: when on a clean diet with no protein, carb, or fat separation, when is the best, or shall I say, most efficient time to take these in?

Eat a balanced diet and don’t be affraid to eat healthy fats with every meal. Fats, carbs and protein with every meal.
However, HIGH FAT [above 20] and HIGH CARB in the same meal is not a good idea. The real problem comes when you eat simple carbs with large amounts of fat.

Eat moderate fats and high protein. Carb recomendations really depend on your goal. A good rule of thumb though is to eat 1-2 grams of protein and carbs per pound of bodyweight. Eat half that amount of fat. If you way 200 you’d eat: 200-400 grams of pro and carbs with about 100 grams of fat.

Everyone is different figure out what works for you.

Good post, Jackass!

sorry to have to bump this one but I couldn’t get back to it. I think you guys took my question the wrong way. What I’d like to know is when to take the actual flaxseed capsule SUPPLEMENTS during the day.

Before you go to work or school etc make sure your last meal has fats in it, a carb dominant meal tends to makes me sleepy during boring presentations and so on.

So I take my efas in the first meal of the day and during lunch break and just before sleeping. I dont take any during the anabolic window after the workout or pre workout.

Well your question was answered…
It’s not that complicated, eat healthy fats, well whenever…
It takes weeks/months for healthy fats to exert their benefits. I don’t know of any research that shows fat consumption at one time over another… Just guzzle down some fish/flax/olive etc. And you’ll be fine.