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Healthy fat intake

Hello all,
My question is in regards to your healthy fat intake in a day. I am 215 lbs at about 9 % bf. I am beginning to cut for a contest in about 6 weeks and i was just curious about some opinions on what amount of fat I should increase my daily amount to. I currently take about 3 tablespoons of flaxseed oil a day (spaced at 7 am, 12pm and 7 pm with post workout shake). I have been adding avocado’s to the diet about 3 times a week to start adding more healthy fats also. I am trying to trouble shoot the fat intake thing cuz last contest i competed in i didn’t get enough fat and I feel as if I could benefit more with a higher intake of fat, but how much is enough? Also, what is the story with intaking fat with a post workout shake? Does that inhibit protein synthesis or slow it down at all? Help me out guys, I would greatly appreciate it.


I don’t know much about this subject, but did want to point out that you shouldn’t take EFA’s with your post workout as it slows absorption, something you definetely don’t want at that time.

healthy fat, omega-3 is needed to get big as well as ripped. It just depends on how much and when you use the carbs in your diet. If you want to lose fat then lower carb intake. fats slow down digestion so do not take them post-workout. Usually try to get complex carbs early in the day and then switch to more fats later on during a fat loss cycle. But i will never comprimise simple carbs in my pre and post workout drinks. laters pk

Thx guys, the reason i asked about the slowing down of absorption is because my common sense led me to believe that. Thx for the advice.