Healthy Fat Intake. Cashews?

OK, I really don’t care for natural peanut butter so I substitute it with cashew butter (for the most part). Does anyone else do this? Are cashews a good source of healthy fats?

This leaves me with these sources for fats as:
Cashews (and cashew butter)
Olive oil
Pumpkin seeds
Natural PB

Should I add/subtract anything?

Sure there good any nut etc is, things to add, eggs, meat, dairy, seeds, the oils of the above, butter, coconut etc etc.



check out macadamia nuts too, high in monounsaturated and has omega 7 fats too. also macadamia nut oil is a good substitute for olive for variety and has a higher smoke point. many of my clients enjoy the different taste combinations they can create.

you have the right idea, just keep source as unrefined as possible and you are doing well.

interesting that todays article has fat intake advice for dieting. i just got finished talking to my sister about the importance of getting enough fat when dieting, then log on and read Thib’s article. could have saved me a half hour had T-Nation published it yesterday.

(shaking fist at TC, Shugs, & co.)

All things mentioned here are great. Diversity of sources is also very important as different sources have different “extra” properties. As for the nuts, in my understanding, the best of the best are Walnuts (high ALA) and almonds (high fiber).

I don’t understand why peanuts are emphasized so much other than they are the cheapest of the nuts (even though they are not nuts but legumes). I think in terms of health benefits peanuts are inferior to nuts.

Thanks guys. You all make good points.

Check out this link: Cashews

[quote]floridagirl wrote:
Check out this link:[/quote]

Wow, thanks for that site.

Certainly a variety of nuts is best.

But if you were going to skip one completely, it might be cashews. And that’s because walnuts, almonds, pistachios and macadamias all have superior nutrient profiles.