Healthy Exercises ?

Maybe we could list exercises we consider " unhealthy/risky " ?

As we progress we find out that some suggested even some classics exercises do not agree with us personally, are not friendly to us, causes pain/issues even injury. This is obviously a grey area since we are not totally identical anatomicaly.

Our posts here should not mean that all should never do an exercise we list here but that it might be a good idea to monitor what happens when we do them and use the " friendly red flag " plus our common sense.

Below is a copy of a quote i agree with

[quote]RampantBadger wrote:…

“drop upright rows for good -they’re crap for scapular health”[/quote]

If you are curious below is the link to the thread i got that quote from
scroll down to 2:13 am

I personally like up right rows with a slightly wider grip just saying.

Well, everyone is built differently. I use to think that dips were bad for my shoulders, until I manned the fuck up and discovered I could do them no problem.
I don’t think there is one movement that is ‘bad’ for everyone.