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Healthy Eating vs Eating Junk


Something that has always wonder about nutrition is what type of calories are needed for a body that looks good naked.

What im getting at is....Say u have 2 guys both for example 250 pounds. Both are told to eat 2500 calories to lose some fat.Training and cardio are the same amount for both guys.

Now say guy 1 has his 2500 calories coming from chocolate,potato chips,rice,protein shake and a steak with hot chips.

Now guy 2 has his 2500 calories coming from brown rice,chicken breasts,protein shakes made with water,fish and sweet potato's.

Which guy is likely to lose more fat and why?

Im just curious as to why a guy eating clean could lose more fat then a guy who does not eat so well but takes in the exact same amount of calories.


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Nutrition 101

Guy #1 diet is filled with carbs and fats.
Guy #2 diet has more protein and less carbs.

Guy #2 will lose more fat.

The body loovvesss to use carbs as energy and loovvees to store fats. Reason being..burning fat is an aerobic process and requires alot of energy. Thats why we actually burn more fat at rest than we do during vigorous exercise.

Whenever we eat food the carbs are the first thing to be broken down for energy, then glycogen, then fats then protein. Guy #1 has plenty of carb sources in his diet so there's no need for the body to dip into the fat supply for energy because the carbs that are being consumed is sufficient. In guy #2 the main carb sources are only sweet potato and brown rice. So during vigorous activity the body will most likely use up all these carbs and would then need to look elsewhere for energy. After glycogen has depleted the body then starts breaking down fats.


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they'll probably lose a similar amount of WEIGHT, but as these guys have already stated, guy #2 will lose more FAT.



it has to do with the amount of refined sugars, simple carbs, insulin levels, yada yada yada


Even if the two people in the hypothetical scenario ate the exact same macronutrient ratio, the guy eating healthy food will have more success. Food quality affects the body's hormonal profile, which affects metabolism and a million other things. Hormones are super powerful, way more powerful than calories.


depends on age, metabolism and how their body process insulin. Plenty of people have got by on junk, problem with junk, is 2500 calories of junk will leave someone like me very hungry. Problem with healthy food is 2500 calories of too healthy food will leave me very unhappy.


Because 1 has tons of carbs and fats, very little protein, while 2 has much protein, good carbs, and good fats.


"What type of calories are needed for a body that looks good naked."


Assume protein intake and essential fats are constant (really important).

As long as both groups are eating "enough" fresh plant matter, then no, there won't be much difference.


Yeah thats what i thought.

I was trying settle a argument with one of my lifting pals. I was on the side on guy #2 which is currently what type of diet im following.Where as my buddy who eats like a fuckin horse is just going to lower his calories to around 2000-3000 (just reducing his meal sizes) to see if he will get some fat loss.