Healthy Eating Causing Indigestion?

I’ve been trying to follow Berardi’s 7 rules for nutrition, and I just have terrible gassiness all the time, and I constantly feel full. Here’s what I currently eat

5 a.m.
cup of oatmeal + multivitamin


7 a.m.
omelet with ham, tomatoes, mushroom cheese + greek yogurt or banana

11 a.m.
tuna sandwich

2 p.m.
chicken + veggies wrap

4 p.m.
about a handfull of cheese + fruit

6 p.m.
some sort of meat (beef/chicken/fish)+steamed veggies

8 p.m. sleep

I’m currently in college, so I’m getting everything from the cafeteria. Is it because I don’t drink water frequently enough (a glass every two hours) throughout the day? Or does it just take time to adjust after eating crap all the time. Before, I would just eat randomly, sometimes after 4-5 hours, and I’d have a healthy meal (meat+steamed veggies) but then have some potatoes, cookies, candy, fried foods afterwards.

If you’re eating at the cafeteria chances are you’re eating crap… even if it’s healthier crap… I’m sure the meat and veggies are not the freshest, and could have a decent amount of decay/rot already. Is that a “tuna sandwich” or tuna-salad made with whatever-mayonnaise-crap-left-out-for-hours?

I remember college, and my stomach was never too happy, even when I was eating “clean”.

Also, high-protein can lead to gas (your diet isn’t that high in protein though). If you’re new to veggies, having fiber in your system for the first time can also take a little getting used to.

Yeah, just about any change, for better or worse, can lead to problems. And it eventually gets better.

It might also be a particular food, if you didn’t used to eat, say, oatmeal.

Drinking more water couldn’t hurt.

Now I have diarrhea in addition to the bloating and gas. What’s going on with my body? It seems like I have IBS or some food allergy, but I’ve never had problems with eggs. Is it the oatmeal? Has anyone had problems with oatmeal?

this all happens me when i switch from eating crap to eating clean, it will go away after a week or so.

EDIT: also you need more protein in your first meal.