Healthy changes

I’ve recently made a lot of healthy changes in my life. I started juicing in the summer, and my “liver levels” have fallen by 40%. (Liver levels is in quotations because I’m not sure exactly what function of the liver these levels are measuring. It has to do with a harsh medication I’m taking and periodically the liver levels have to be checked). In the fall, I eliminated alcohol almost completely - before, it was a part of my social life (and a few years ago, I rarely went out without being already buzzed!)
I eliminated caffeine. I rarely drink coffee or tea anymore, only unless I’m
tired and don’t think I can get through a workout or a long Saturday night w/out it.
I’ve converted to vegetarianism. I still eat fish and drink whey protein, though the whey protein may be replaced by something else, as long as its not soy.
I’ve eliminated milk which I’m lightly allergic to.
I started taking EFAs regularly, flax oil, and I will be starting on Udo’s Choice soon.
I am committed to drinking 1.5 gallons of water a day, and rarely get less than a gallon.
I have also cut down on my sugar and sweets intake drastically, which I am so proud of and thought would be harder than it really was.
Lastly, I am making major changes to my thought patterns and replacing negative thoughts and feelings w/postitive ones. I’ve been reading a few self-help books and also listening to self-help CDs.

With all these changes, I do feel better. I am less tired, have no heartburn or digestive problems, and am in a good mood almost all the time.
But I guess I was expecting something more substantial. I’m not saying I thought a ray of light would burst out of the sky and lift me to the gates of Heaven were St.Peter would tell me “Great job, keep it up!” BUT I thought I’d see weight loss,at least a few pounds, and sky-high energy and enthusiasm.
Having typed all this, now I’m not sure what the point of this post is!
But, now that I’ve re-read it, I do feel very proud of all the changes I’ve made. Maybe the fact that I feel better but haven’t lost weight is simply the sign that now is the time to focus on that, that is the next challenge.
I should give myself more credit and stop seeing what I don’t have and instead appreciate what I do have-see, this is why I’m working on my thoughts!
Ok, I’ll stop being hard myself and start thinking about what I have to do for fat loss.

And tea is good for you.