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'Healthy' Carbs Question


Guys, I have been trying to cut down on my processed carbs as an attempt to have a cleaner diet but the result has been a drop in overall calories and therefore bodyweight. I am skinny for my height with low (sub 10%) bodyfat. Ideally I would like to pack on a few pounds (currently 80kg at 6'4" would like to be closer to 90kg) My training is BJJ, kettlebell and basic bar lifts (bench, dead, squat, press)

I am your typical hardgainer (i.e. I actually struggle to eat a lot of bulk, my body just isn't used to it)

Previously I have bulked up to 90kg but did it as a dirty bulk. Pizza and ice cream. Whilst I looked good, I didn't feel good and ended up feeling bloated and uncomfortable most of the time.

What I am looking for is suggestions of 'healthy' carbs that are not from processed sources and or other calorie dense but not too expensive ingredients that I can incorporate into my diet.

I am off shopping tonight to the groceries and am just looking for suggestions. I already have nuts, sweet potatoe and beans on my list, just looking for other people's ideas, hints and tips to keep my diet interesting.

Thanks in advance for any responses.


rice,oatmeal,quinoa,ezekiel bread,cream of rice cereal


For a start unlimited green vegetables, -french beans, courgettes, peas spinach etc

Also try upping your good fats a bit with stuff like original greek yogurt and cashews


For carbs: White jasmine rice, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, and fruit.

For packing on more calories in general: Nuts are great because they are very calorie dense and have healthy fats. 2 giant handfuls of nuts and you will already be at like 30-40 grams of good fat. Just make sure you're not eating the roasted/salted bullshit - buy raw instead. Almonds, cashews, walnuts, brazil nuts, etc. are all good.


Thanks for the replies.

@butcherman7 when you say 'cream of rice cereal' do you mean like a rice pudding (aroz con leche it is called here in Mexico) that is really easy to find here.

For the other suggestions, Nuts is definitely the way forward, wish I could find Brazil Nuts more easily.

ezekiel bread is another thing I have never seen here.


I know white rice has gotten a bum rap over the last several years -- especially in the face of the abundance of "healthy" brown and wild rice varieties -- but I feel much, much better when consuming simple jasmine or basmati rice instead of the brown varieties. I feel as though basic starches like rice and potatoes are much better for my digestive system than too many harsh whole grains, and there seems to be some merit anyways to getting fibre from cruciferous/fibrous vegetables instead of from grains.


I'm not butcherman, but cream of rice is basically the same as what I'd call Milchreis and what you'd call arroz con leche. The main difference is that cream of rice is ground, while rice pudding/Milchreis/arroz con leche uses very small-grained rice.


cool thanks


Here's another vote for white rice or white potatoes.


Another vote for rice, potatoes, and sweet potatoes. Forget the beans, I believe that they aren't good for the gut. Lots of "evidence" points to that so called fact.


Poptarts, pasta, gatorade powder, potatoes, rice, bread, pretzels, fat free frozen yogurt, skinny cow ice cream sandwiches, eggo fat free waffles...these are the majority of my carb staples


Carbs are a great tool for gaining, but don't forget fat. Especially if stomach space is an issue. Example, 1/2 cup of oats,is 150 cals. 2 TBLS of a natty PB is 200 Cals. You can see where fat can make getting your calories a lot easier, while taking it easy on your gut.

Someone mentioned Cream of Rice. Excellent choice. Its basically nothing but finely grinded rice, a half cup is 72 carbs. Also, my secret weapon, Plazma. 3 scoops is roughy 105g of carbs, and almost 50g of protein. Take it intra-workout. Its easy on your gut, goes down easy like a tea. It doesn't FEEL like you have 1500-2000 ML of fluid in you.

Good luck!


x2 white rice is my main carb source