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Healthy, Calorie Dense Energy Drink


I find that most days I rely on some sort of caffeine to get through an otherwise VERY boring day.

I've taken to drinking green tea and yerba mate....the problem I'm having is that I find these to generally make me LESS hungry (and I've been trying to eat more...not less).

Any suggestions on something that I can drink (or mix/make at home) and then bring in...that will:

  1. keep me awake...since falling asleep at work is generally frowned upon.

  2. have a decent number of healthy calories?



Metabolic Drive Complete or Low-Carb mixed with cold coffee.

This tastes great!


Color me confused. Why are you looking for calories in an energy drink? They are just going to be from with sugar. Awesome! I'd rather get my calorie needs met by quality food.

Spike Shooters - all the ass kicking, without the calories.


I don't even like coffee and I think this tastes good.


Are you a security officer by any chance?


Mod Brian - thanks for the suggestion! I'll have to try that...I've even already got Metabolic Drive!

SBT - I completely agree that a more ideal solution would be to get my calories from quality food. The issue I'm having is boredom at work (changing job will hopefully happen after the holidays). In the meantime I'm trying to take in as many calories as I can, and most caffeinated beverages tend to suppress my appetite. In order to TRY to offset this suppression...I'm hoping to take in as many calories while I'm trying to stay awake as I can.

cormac - Nope I work in a yawn....library. now SHHHHH!


No worries, I was just curious. I would definitely try what Mod Brian suggested then.