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Healthy BP/Cholesterol Post Cycle?

One of the things that concerns me is the effects that AI’s have in combination with AAS, specifically spikes in bad LDL cholesterol in addition to lowering HDL cholesterol.

Now, I imagine that this is something manageable in the short term but has anyone had difficulty returning their blood lipids back to normal levels following a cycle?

One of the reasons I exercise is for my physical health. My diet is pretty impeccable. No added sugars, no alcohol, no tobacco, lots of fruits and vegetables as well as plentiful omega-3 fatty acids from both flax and cod liver oil.

When I eventually go on cycles, I’m hoping that between them it will be possible to repair the damage steroids do to cardiovascular health.

your kidneys do not recover, so keep that blood pressure in CHECK

depending on how long you take between cycles… and how old you are, your lipids SHOULD recover fine if you diet/exercise regularly and are healthy in general

Cool. I’ll admit I also have about 1000 mg of anavar that I got before I came here and got advice. I was planning on using it along with 400 mg of test cypionate a week as a kickstarter but considering the dangers of orals you think it would be best just to say fuck it?

I’m thinking with 400 mg of test a week the dose is high enough for results but low enough so I could get away with using low amounts of AI. I found a good Adex sources recently and I was thinking of 0.25 EOD.

anavar destroys lipid profiles

Funnily enough, anecdotally, in all my post-cycle bloodwork, i’ve never had irregularities in blood lipids, cholesterol etc. I’ve only seen issues in:

Neutrophiles (low)
RBC (high)
Platelets (low???[this was weird])

I’ve also ran armidex consistently at .5mg/d.
Also 12 weeks straight on 60mg/day anavar.

I think certain individuals may be more pre-disposed than others to certain side effects. So who knows.

for me, it seems my immune system gets fucked up, but not too much else.

It seems steroids have an effect on erythropoiesis since it seems people often have higher red blood cell count.

While this may be risky since it makes the blood thicker I think at least post cycle in the short run this can help with cardiovascular training which in term will help restore cardiovascular health.