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Healthy Again.

So I got really really sick and then lost about 9lbs, I’ve gained 2lbs back…but that’s all and I think that’s all I’m going to gain (until I start eating a lot more and training again). So Monday I’m starting to get back into it cause I’m healthy now.

Question: I want to just gain strength…since I lost 9lbs I’m 162 right now…but I gained 2lbs so that makes me 164 (down from 171)…Soo my question here is…I want to be 180-185lbs…but A LOT of strength…as in like 100lbs gain in deadlift and squat…and 50lbs in the bench. I have NO CLUE what my 1RM’s are. lol…all I know is that I’ve squatted 330 before, deadlifted 315x5 at 160lbs, 2 months ago, and benched 265. That’s all Raw. and with only like 1-2months of seriosu training.

Now would I try some Westside stuff to gain those 100lbs in the dead and squat and 50lbs in the bench…+ gaining to 180-185lbs. OR would I do a full-body split, 3x a week?? ALSO…for fun (cause I have to do this) I’d have 1 or 2 boxing sessions (so heavy bag work and what not)…Whatcha guys recommend?

I think Westside is better for max strength gains. It can give you a good deal of size as well.